Doha Modern Indian School

Could you please give me contact details of Doha Modern Indian Schoo - a web site if available.

Also please adv if the offer French as Second Language.



i advise you to see MES Indian school in abohamour

it's very good and they have franc as second language

4583125 / 4583122 / 4583121

Yes, they do offer French as second language

I am sorry if i am mistaken over here , there is some confusion in school names,,,

there is one school named MES and there is also another indian school named DPS(MIS)and the website for the last one is


Dear Sahil,

I am referring to Dubai Modern Indian School - part of the GEMS Group. I really need more information regarding this school.

I am not interested in the MES school due to a lot of reasons. It will either be the DMIS or Delhi Public Modern School.

Appreciate your feedback.

MES is good for u.

Doha modern indian school is just behind the in abu 180 for the no.but its a very expensive school.

DMIS - Doha Modern Indian school.Web page :

My kid studying there. You can find all information in the website. School is located in Abu hamour (Near MES).

Dear Jsomanathan,

Thank you for the information. Could you please give a little feedback about the school, the faculty and the facilities?

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