Lakh Spelling

Hey guys how do u spell lakhs?Is it lacs or lakhs means 10 lacs or 10 lakhs? Need this information because I always make this spelling wrong and in various places I have seen lacs instead of lakhs.So which should is correct?



My dear if u deal in lacs or lakhs is not a matter. earn in lakhs, that will be better. if not u lack some thing which may lead u in lagging from others. So dont lack ur knowledge in simply wasting time to spell lakhs. earn it.


It should be spelled thousand.


Correct spelling: One Lakh, Two Lakhs...
Lac is used in the new era where texting is changing the spelling rules!


Well i guess
in English its ''Lacs''
in Hindi/Urdu its ''Lakh''
ok :)

Cheers !!!

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