Photos of Ruler of Qatar
By kmc7273 • 5 years 10 months ago.

Hi, can anyone help me to find photos of all rulers of qatar? Any bookstore of even here on the internet so I can print it. Just an assignment of my daughter on her school. Thanks in advance to all of you..

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By dunds• 5 years 10 months ago.


The photo of the ruler is available in most bookstore or you can check out the photo framing shops (najma area). Or you can do a search on google images. Google for SHEIK HAMMAD BIN KHALIFA AL THANI.

heres is one link.. not a single photo, but still ..

Hope this will help...

By baldrick2dogs• 5 years 10 months ago.

Google him!

Type "Al Thani Qatar" into google then go to images

By soniya• 5 years 10 months ago.
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The above link has the details of FAMILY OF AL THANI..

The second link has a detail again about the RULING FAMILY of QATAR and only few snaps of the rulers..

The third link has GOOGLE answer..kindly take a look..thanks..

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