Where can I find an american international school?
By nekamel • 3 years 10 months ago.

Dear All,,

My son is about to be diagnosed officially as a mild ADHD case. He is already enrolled in an american school in Doha, but I was advised to move him to another international school that has the ability to provide him with one-to-one tutoring support (shadow teaching)!!

Can anyone recommend something or suggest a door to knock at? Because the only I place I know so far is Awsaj Institute and they already have a long waiting list and the priority is given to the Qatari students.

Your help will be very much appreciated.

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By Mandilulur• 3 years 10 months ago.

I'm afraid you've found them, sorry. A lot of employers are now telling their prospective employees not to come to Doha if they have educational needs for their kids.