I DID search already! :-)

Good morning/evening (it's 10:10am here)!!!

Yes, I did use the Search function, as well as used the internet browser to find my answer, but I didn't!

I understand at the moment there is only Qtel which provides cell phone plans. Does Qtel sell cell phones, too? For example, if you choose Plan A you get a Motorola or if you choose Plan B you get a Blackberry. The reason I ask is because at home, cell phones are usually included in a rate plan, either for free or for a nominal fee. The phone that is included is usually a perk to signing up for the rate plan.

Anyway, if Qtel doesn't provide the cell phones, where do I go to buy an actual phone? What is the price range? Here I can get a Blackberry or an Apple iPhone for about 1500 Qatar dollars. Is that about the same?

I'm leaving my little Samsung here as my plan doesn't expire for another year and I'm passing it on to a friend. Otherwise, I'd bring it here and have it unlocked.

Thanks and have a great day/evening!


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