Best and Worst Private Schools in Qatar

As we are starting the new school year I would like to invite all of you who have children in private schools to give your assesment and comments about that school.

I have a very bad experince till now with:


I think it's one of the worst international schools.
-When you register your child they are nice and organised.
-When the year started they are terribly bad, you have to wait in portocabin with bad A.C..
-Students uniform is not ready till now
-One cashier is taking money for books without any lines or arrangment for almost 1000 students.
- No one is available to answer you about your inquiries.
- Even that they are pretending that it's International school with British Curriculum,Fathers are not allowed to fitch their children boys or girls with a reasone that it's girls school they have to be free inside the school away from the men, what a British International Curriculum.
- Even there is no hint of these restrictions or neglicting to give information in their booklet for admission.

- The school principal don't have answers for any question except if you want to complain email to the head of Taleb Group about your concerns, as if she don't have any role in their school or just to refer you to somebody who is not available.
Overall this is an example of failed international schools in private education.
If any one have good experience with that school or other school please till us.


Today CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL for GIRLS premises was quiter and more organised than yesterday.
they allowed all parents to enter school to finish their payments,transport coordination and books collection which decreased the stress of parents who like to stabilize their children so they can leave them and focus in their jobs with peace of mind.
Every parent who is going to school is going for the welfare of his child.
We are in 21st. century not in 16th.,in seconds you can know and watch what is going on thousands of miles away from you.
Education should consider new concepts.

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