The Cambridge School of Doha

Some people said that The Cambridge School of Doha is one of the bad school in Qatar. I don't think so about that.

Let me tell you something.

I was 1 year in Qatar. I have disability in my hand that makes me difficult to write. In my previous school (in my home country), my school allow me to bring the laptop for help me to write. When first I came to Qatar, I try to register in Choueifat, but they don't accept me because my disability and then I try to register in QIS and do the entrance test (the test was easy) but because they can't read my handwriting, they dont allow me to school in QIS. but when I try to register in Cambridge, they give me a entrance test and they try to read my handwriting (i get good marks). then they accept me to school in cambridge with my laptop.

Im in year 11 now. and I have im
Cambridge is the good's the fact


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