Cambridge School for Girls , worst school

Let me tell me you my story with the worst school in Doha, it is called Cambridge School for Girls. So nice name, wonderful building that you will be deceived at the beginning. But you will end by this conclusion I got that it is waste of time and money bad staff, no qualified teachers. I don t imagine this school with this big name and there is not any teacher from England. The fees are equivalent or higher than reputable schools, and the service is equal to cheapest school. I will summarize my experience in the following points
1.Most of teachers are from India, Nigeria, and Philippine, when I asked the principle that it wasn’t as I understood from the beginning at the admission time that teachers are from England or South Africa and that is why I am paying triple the fees of any Indian School, the simple answer from her was this is our staff, you have the choice to move your kids and you can call the owner to escalate, I am just an employee here.

2.School changes the uniform every year to force parents purchase new one on annual basis, the funny that there is only one tailor available, comes one day a week and has a waiting list for 3 weeks ahead, My daughter will go with any dress other that last year uniform as per the instructions for the next 3 weeks.

3.Paying 1,100 for three months transportation fees, the amazing part that the school started 4th Sep and so far no buses drivers (Still on Vacation). One driver called me yesterday telling that starting from today he would start picking my kids, they should be prepared at 6:30AM, at 8:30 I received a call from him telling that he will not be able to come, and I should do it myself. School Starts at 8:00 AM

4.Administration staff are not organized at all , and very aggressive dealing with parents, you can see the school yesterday as of you are in central fish market at Friday morning, One Administrator had a fight with one poor mothers and started calling her names and finally kicked her out of the school. I could not believe my eyes.

5.At the payment time, you have to bring Cash money or you will be charged for 2% of the amount if you use ordinary debit Card (Refusing Credit Cards)

6. When I asked the principle about the mess in the school and that it is not good image to find school so unorganized, her answer was it is not her fault gave me owners e_mail to escalate.

7.Finally when I asked the principle to return my money back to move my kids from this horrible school, she replied no money back , and it is your choice at the end to choose the right school.

In General you feel that no one from staff is keen about the education process itself, it is just a commercial project, and they are employees waiting their salary end of the month, Owners are doing their best to just rape parents. I am writing this article just to warn anyone considers to all to this horrible school, searching well or you will be in my position now.

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