Finding a runaway housemaid

Has anyone caught a runaway housemaid? How was it done?
I had sponsored a Phillipino woman as a housemaid a few years ago. A few weeks ago she run away and now is in hiding in Doha. She was seen by one of her relatives in the souqs a few weeks ago so she is still here. My wife recently discovered some gold jewelry went missing along with a lot of money. After she ran away, I reported the housemaid's disappearance to CID and surrendered her passport to them. They accepted my report. Where does that leave me? Do I need to continue searching for her myself or just leave the ball in their court?

Is it possible to start our own search for her? We have a few leads of where she might be and who she is with. Could other, more experienced folk give me suggestions?

Thanks. Bae DaeBok

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