Lekhwiya Station Address

Hi all, I got a traffic fine for parking with 3 demerit points. When I went to settle the fine at Traffic Dept near Immigration Roundabout, they told me that I have to go to Lekhwiya Office on Al Waab St, as Lekhwiya is the one who has given me parking fine and not the Traffic Dept.

First of all, can someone please tell me the difference between the two departments (Traffic Police & Lekhwiya)? Secondly, can someone please tell me the address of Lekhwiya Office on Al Waab St and directions to reach it from Hamad Hospital? Also the traffic department cashier lady asked me (in very bad english) that "Do you want this fine on your driving license or your car plate?" I did not understand her at all, but she could not explain any more. Can please someone tell me or try to tell me about what possibly she was talking about? She further told me that "Go and talk to Captain at Lekhwyia. They might remove the points". What does this mean?

Thank you all so much in anticipation for your assistance.

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