Registering a Birth

Just in case anyone else is going through this or is about to.

If your baby is not born in the Hammad hospital, you have to go to the Woman's hospital at Hammad with the birth certificate request from the hospital where you has the birth, with the usual both passports copies, both RP copies, both ID copies if you have them, marriage certificate, where you can get a Hammad number in about 10 minutes (1 hour to park.

You then need to go across the road to the NHA department next door to the LuLu centre.

Take a number from the machine on the right as you go through the door, wait, wait some more and then get served.

They will ask you how many copies you want 20QR each, you then pay at the cashier around the corner, negotiate the security and go up to room 38 on the third floor, where they will write all over your request form and ask you to go back to where you first came from downstairs.

Hand over all the documentation again and they will tell you to come back in 1 week.

That's the condensed version, in real life because I knew nothing of all that it took me around 3 hours, about 1 hour with the correct information.

All I need to do now is pick it up and take it to the British Embassy to get ripped off with the cost of a new birth certificate and a passport,

Form for BE is on their website,

Good Luck

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