Advice and Help

By thenseem.p • 48 min 18 sec ago.

How to apply qcdd exam for mechanical engineer


vaping kit

By MNAPOLIT • 59 min ago.

Hi, Am new in Doha and had no idea that E-cigs were banned here...


Part time Jobs In Qatar

By draft1125 • 9 hours 31 min ago.

Hi every one, can any advice me regarding part time jobs here in Qatar? Is it legal to have a Part time job here?


Going to Dubai by road driving own car with family

By salamkaratt • 1 day 20 min ago.

What is the procedure to follow to  go to Dubai from Doha driving own car with family?,I'm an indian expat liv


Where to find electric bike or scooter?

By Mona86 • 1 day 1 hour ago.

Hi everyone,Where can I find eitehr an electric bike or electric scooter in Doha?


Need to change sponsor

By sajid1199 • 1 day 8 hours ago.

Dear All,I am here in Qatar alomst 2.5 years and serving same company .

1 comments britexpat • 1 day 6 hours ago.

2 months and 25 days NO SALARY. What should we do now?

By Dylanfrost2202 • 2 days 3 hours ago.

I'm working in a construction company here in Doha as a Admin officer.

2 comments • 2 days 2 hours ago.

Can I come back to qatar

By Madanvila • 2 days 9 hours ago.

Hi I am Siju I was resigned & cancelled visa on 02-12-2016 without NOC.Currently I am trying to come back to Qa

3 comments • 2 days 9 hours ago.

Where can i find bike oil motorex 10w50 for ktm 450cc

By aliseem • 3 days 18 hours ago.

Salam AlaykomCan u help me with advice on where i can find 'Motorex 10W50' engine and gearbox oil ?


Nursery for 18 months baby

By natsbond • 3 days 21 hours ago.

Dear friends, Can you please advise any nursery where i can keep my baby from 9 am to 630pm From Saturday to thursday n

5 comments iswariya • 2 days 20 hours ago.


By edison17 • 4 days 50 min ago.

Hi, Just New here in Qatar, Does anybody can recommend me the best document attestation service that can accomodate on F

2 comments iswariya • 3 days 21 hours ago.

Salary certificate attestation

By engr2010 • 4 days 52 min ago.

His friends, Please help me with the details of getting my salary certificate attested by Indian Embassy. Thank you.

1 comments • 4 days 11 min ago.

Attestation in Ministry of Foreign Affairs

By metropodikas • 4 days 2 hours ago.

Does anyone know if MOFA can directly attest official bank statements from QNB (stamped and signed from the bank)?Thanks


Shipping to the UK

By ukguy • 4 days 6 hours ago.

HI, Does anyone know of a good company to ship items to the UK.

9 comments Molten Metal • 4 days 4 hours ago.

Owning Boat Procedure

By fithwith • 4 days 7 hours ago.

Hi dear members :) I would like to know if we want to buy a boat what will be the procedure to buy, drive and maintain,


Silk thread jewelry making kit

By Rathiya • 4 days 9 hours ago.

Hi, From where did I get silk thread jewelry making kit in Doha??


Study Material for Radiographer Prometric Test

By wiz purple • 4 days 20 hours ago.

Hello, Does someone have an idea if I can buy study material for radiographer to prepare for Prometric. Your a


Fine / jail or deported

By edwinquiruz • 5 days 4 hours ago.

Hi I have a question..

7 comments britexpat • 5 days 2 hours ago.

Delayed Police Clearance Certificate from CEID

By Kahl115 • 5 days 7 hours ago.

I am trying for a Canadian PR and have to submit PCC from Qatar as part of document submission.

2 comments nishantvshah • 5 days 6 hours ago.

edfa3ly online shopping

By Lakshan SJ • 5 days 16 hours ago.

Six days ago QL posted an online shopping site called edfa3ly.

1 comments muad-db • 5 days 8 hours ago.


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