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I need some advice on investing in dubai real estate. What type o

By FutureY • 10 hours 24 min ago.

I need some advice on investing in dubai real estate. What type of projects are good to invest into?


Ways to bring my Spouse to Qatar

By manskhan89 • 1 day 6 hours ago.

Dear all, Kindly suggest the ways to bring my Spouse immediately after getting married but my salary is below 10K.&


drawing ng bahay

By Alice29 • 1 day 17 hours ago.

sino po nagpapabayad ng drawing ng bahay? mag papa extend po kc ano ng bahay sa pinas kailang ko ng drawing

1 comments acchabaccha • 1 day 12 hours ago.

Effective & Reliable Lexus Toyota Engine Repair garage

By gufranx • 1 day 17 hours ago.

Can anyone suggest a reliable garage that works on lexus engine, cooling system, transmission, radiators, a/c etc.


On-line dating

By T. E. Lawrence • 1 day 20 hours ago.

Does this exist in Doha? Any good experiences QatarLivers?Some of the websites seem a bit grim!I'm looking for a so


Need help to find mosque @ ezdan 31 al wakra

By Bornin12 • 2 days 9 hours ago.

I am living in ezdan 31 al wakra , where is the near by mosque for friday and eid ul fitr ?? Please help asap

1 comments Zam Zam • 1 day 20 hours ago.

Help Regarding letter of support

By Eddie-Mega • 3 days 11 hours ago.

Dear All Greetings!! Please I need help regarding a letter of support.


Advice please

By maryme27 • 3 days 21 hours ago.

my license as general scope nurse in Qatar already expired,now I want to work again in Qatar,do I need to take prometric


Timer Plug

By zibo • 4 days 11 hours ago.

Can anyone please advise where I can buy a Timer Plug similar to picture? 



By Stan1965 • 4 days 16 hours ago.

I spend 18 months in Qatar central jail, thanks to Doha Bank knowingly and with hard pressed on me to pick up Qatari Riy

2 comments Molten Metal • 4 days 16 hours ago.

Quran teacher -Alwakrah

By hellopak • 4 days 20 hours ago.

I am looking Quran Tutor nearby Ezdan-24 Alwakra for my kid age 5Yrs. Please help me with contact details

2 comments Khizar Chanda • 4 days 17 hours ago.

Apply work in Government company

By PabloDeGuzman • 5 days 5 hours ago.

Hi,I am on my 7th month in my company and I want to transfer already to a better company.


What Is The Divorce Procedure In Pakistan | Divorce & Family Lawyer In Lahore Pakistan

By Alena Jhon1 • 5 days 8 hours ago.

Nazia Law Associates have one of the best divorce lawyers in lahore Pakistan in their law firm.

2 comments Mufti Shahid • 4 days 15 hours ago.

Need some help here on apple app store

By Kalifa989 • 5 days 14 hours ago.

Need some help here on apple app store.I need to know how to fill up my credit card info on the app store.No matter what


car ownership transfer

By mr alpamaga • 6 days 12 hours ago.

Hi! Does anybody know how and what requirements are needed to transfer car ownership if the owner is out of Qatar?

1 comments Zam Zam • 5 days 18 hours ago.

Direct Test for Driving Licesns in Qatar

By Towhidur Rahaman • 6 days 16 hours ago.

Dear Brothers,If I face the direct test for driving license then what will be happened if I failed.


Anybody knows about Stratix Consultant?

By Muhammad imran81 • 6 days 21 hours ago.

Hello. Anybody knows about Stratix Consultant? They are immigration consultant in Qatar? How they are?

4 comments britexpat • 6 days 21 hours ago.

Aramex delivery

By expect005 • 1 week 12 hours ago.

Hi all. I'm planning to shop online from a website which is offering free shipping for this month.

1 comments Mary Catherine • 1 week 10 hours ago.

IBS digestive problem

By akashd1123 • 1 week 15 hours ago.

hi AllAny one suffering from IBS digestive prbs


Savings Account opening in DOHA Bank

By niks58 • 1 week 16 hours ago.

Hi,I am new to qatar and my RP is still not done.Could someone advice me on opening a savings accounts with doha bank wi



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