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any utorrent buffs ther?
By Architect.J

hello, i am trying to download using utorrent (mostly LOST series n stuff).. bt the speed rarely goes above 10kb/s... and most of the time its stuck at <1kb/s... i tried the speed guide in utorrent and it says the port is not being forwarded properly.... wat the heck does this mean??n wat shud i do....

i am connectin frm wrk, but i usually get 200+kbps on limewire... cud someone tell me wat the problem with utorrent is?

or alternate options for gettin the LOST episodes within a day or two of it being aired?


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By Architect.J• 10 years 4 months ago.

thnx a lot guyz!...i tried bitcomet... its really gr8!, gud speed tooo!..

thnx again!

By anonymous• 10 years 4 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

ok, i guess we goin a bit more deeper underground now, Azerus is good as well, no complains from Bitlord as well... u`ll hv to download it from a torrent site...

utorrents is orrite, try some better sites for downloading torrents like, i dont know but i am not able to access piratebay, it was amazing ! and the tip is, download with the maximum number of seeders, select seeders and see which has the most and choose your files, it takes days sometimes to get what you need, but hey .. its free ofter all so why complain :)))))))))

By anonymous• 10 years 4 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

Azureus is what I use. No issues at all. Most popular torrents come down at full speed.

Tip: Don't let the up speed choke all your bandwidth. I limit it to 2-4 kb/s per torrent depending on how many I'm doing concurrently. Never above 10kb/s upload in total on my 512 kbps connection.

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