i just want to know who to approach to get the road near my home repaired. it is terribly broken down and needs serious work. our daily drive to and from home is hell especially due to huge humps and deep dents right after them. many portions of the road are missing!

all i want to do is draw the attention of the roadworks department. i know there is no guarantee they will actually look into it but i feel it my duty to approach them atleast once.

if anyone knows who and how to contact pls help. the least i can do is lodge a complaint and then keep praying they come!


I am also in the same boat. Road outside my house is also totally broken. If somebody can help in identifying the person to contact in baladia, pls do let us know.

check it with Ashghal

They have been doing a lot of work lately and I am partly impressed! Lots of roads with huge hole in them have been repaired lately (to my surprise). Lets hope they keep it up!

you have to approach God and keep praying. Wait till the end of Ramadan and keep praying during the last 10 days. Otherwise there is not hope for your road to be fixed


the hole just outside my compound been opened for the past 18 mths. I think they forgotten already.

gosh! qatar roads are really very bumpy, everywhere. arent there any qataris on QL who know ppl who handle such matters. the road i am talking about is left from the roundabout before jaidah bridge. its right in the middle of town and still ashgal or whatever dept dealing with roadworks havent noticed it!!!

if this is the situation with the city centre area God knows who will help those living on the outskirts of Doha!

Just wait and watch , the road you want to be repaired ... you can try calling here and there but in vein for sure .... they will see and do repair themself




Justice delayed , is the justice denied ...

KH..your response was hilarious....Ramadan is a long way from now....

Seriously though for a rich country you would think the roads would be fixed quickly...The hole in our street is getting so big, if my son fell into it, i would need the rescue sqaud to get him out... 



We do have few members here 

Guys should i name you so you can help :D 



unfortunately. money is not everything


Ashghal is not involved in such road repairs. At least the inside roads. 


I think you are talking about the road leading to Baity compound. What you can do is take some snaps and go to the Municipaliy at Sadd Plaza and file a complain.

But are you sure those holes are not meant for planting some trees?


good morning


u must call Ashghal



Nothing will happen. That road was at that state for the last 3 years. Municipality wants owners of Musharib Towers to repair the road. Owners want Municipality to repair the road. Ding - Dong -Bell :(

Now it is at least ok. wait till the rain comes. you will have to get a boat to navigate through MUD waters :( 

Ps > Now somebody will say I am Mr. Know all and Ego orientated. I know about this road more than anybody else here.


no kelly i wasnt talking about baity compound but yes bin mahmmoud in general looks like afghanistan after US bombing!

well charan that may be the future swimming pool that baity compound can offer their tenants!


lamea - It is not aswimming pool. It's a mud pool to play Indonesian olympics :)

here's the website for Baladia qatar where you can send your complaints with them:

Tel: 4413331

Fax: 4430239



Good afternoon, I would like to ask can baladia fix my underground tanks because the water is starting to overflow on my kitchen. Every time were going to used the sink on my kitchen the water comes out.pls can you tell me how. I'm really upset so please how the baladia fix these.thank you

It seems the drain pipes inside he house are blocked. So try to get a drain treatment which is available in any supermarket. They are in the form of liquid or crystals. The instructions are simple.

This problems has nothing to do with the underground tanks. If those tanks are full or locked, you should see water coming out of the manholes outside your house


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