Best courier service in Qatar?

I wish to send some valentine stuff to U.S. Whats my main concern is that the package shouldnot be delivered on door. I want the courier service to call the person who suppose to get it & then she picks it up. Now could you please recommend me a courier service for that? Thanks


Aramex is a good courier servcie in Doha, But do check how they delivery in US.

Maybe you should check this in the Sates. What seems to be the important part is what happens there, not here.


UPS, DHL, ARAMEX are all good Courier Services and do deliver in the States.

you have 363 days to decide since Valentine's Day was the 14th






'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt Abraham Lincoln

now that I think about it...what a concept!!! a delivery service that doesn't deliver and you are willing to pay for it.

So here's what you do...use regular mail and you put something illegal in it and then U.S. Customs will confiscate it and call her to come and get it. voila!!!

She gets a huge surprise and you save money. It's a win win situation.




'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt Abraham Lincoln

How about i put naked pics of your mum then? If you dont know the answer, DONT REPLY

I think Aramex is better than any courier, they usually call the person to get the package or ask her if where they can deliver it.  I've tried it once, here's Aramex no. 4426101.


then you must go through with because it provide best service indeed.they have live chat support, so if you need any assistance, they are always ready to answer your queries.

try aramex is the best courier service

agree with aero_babe i tried also

OCS is very good courier company in Qatar. ocs is a japanese Origin Comapny with 220+ world wide offices.

reliable source for your export

contact them on 44363611

Sorry OCS does not provide full courier service, for comercial cargo.

consignee has to pay again for customs clearance, Documentation and duties at the receiving end.

How can one call OCS as a courier service then ???

Aramex is the best courier company in Qatar. Fast, prompt & Reliable

Good service by DHL,Delivered my stuff to my friend in US within 3 days...Gr8!!!!!!

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