The Cambridge school Doha

The worst school in Doha is The Cambridge school and it's getting worse everyday. Two years ago when my son started the school it was good the teachers and staff were very helpful. If I called the school and no one was able to answer I always got a call bak. But now there is a lot of bullying & beating by older kids, if I write anything in the planner I never get any answer, the transport manager Mr.Ibrahim never answers nor replies the emails. There is no one to contact Incase of emergencies as no one is available. The school bus had many small accidents no one was hurt but it's just a matter of time that something big will happen. This man Ibrahim should be fired immediately along with the whole management. The school bus was half an hr late one day, the bus fetcher was absent I kept calling in panic but no one answered I thought the worst has happened and started crying when the bus finally showed up.
if I complain to the head of primary Mr. Mark he misbehaves, talks very loudly, intimidates and then asked me to take my son to another school in the middle of the school year knowing my child will not get admission anywhere else. Ther principle is never available, I have never been allowed to meet him or talk to him and he never replies any emails so as far as I know he doesn't exist.
My kid has forgotten what she learned in the previous class or at home. There is no study environment, my daughter learned some very bad words in the school, she called her father STUPID DOG, CRAZY, POTTY, BULL SHIT, FU$€ING BITCH. She also talks about girl friend and boy friend although she s very little. The kids use ver bad language in the school and the teachers never notice or take action. She asks them to sit and play all day and just talk about general stuff nothing education related. Her school copies are never checked, she makes mistakes or leaves her work incomplete but no one pays attention. She used to like studying but due to the environment of the school and class she just wants to play all day and starts crying when it's time to do homework.
The school is like a time bomb and I have a feeling something very bad is about to happen as there is no discipline, no management, no education there. If anything a total waste of Money and full of racism, spoilt kids. No one to take action or responsibility. The supreme eduction counsel should take action against this school with random inspections of classes. After the villagio mall fire I hope that this school also takes some precautionary measure.


"take my son to another school", that sounds exactly like "if you don't like it here, leave." This IS the standard answer!

just leave the school...and find another school..

The Cambridge School whatelse one wld expect

R u planning to open your own school, or wanna be the transport manager in Cambridge

Is this girls or boys school? They have more than one branches

Today gulf times had a big add about school

Cambridge is horrendous and teachers get paid buttons & there's hardly any resources.

MT are u one among the ex staff :))

What are other good alternatives for girls only school?

school like these only cares about money

No fortunately not ....only work in 1 school in Doha.

I have been a student at cambridge since 2005, we have some good teachers every year but they usually leave after a year so good teachers come and go. The management isnt that good mr Ibrahim never answers or replies so you have to sort of fix everything yourself. If you dont like the bus transport system then i suggest getting a private van. Theyre cheaper and you wont have to worry about your child being late. Kids in primary are mainly arab and most of them are extremely rude, they swear a lot so I wasn't surprised when your child started swearing. The primary kinds tend to bully people of their own age so I guess he has to just learn how to defend himself. They pick fights even to us although were like 3 years older to them. I suggest you go to dr. Vandanna although she head of secondary because she's usually the most help. P.S: We did have inspections last year and surprisingly we got an award or something. Probably bribed them ;)

I am a parent of Cambridge kids and Mr Mark has always been a help when required. My 9 year old likes him a lot and he is always kidding around with the kids like a friend.

Mr Throp too helps out whenever we need him.He has always answered our emails.I guess because our issues were genuine and we never bother him unnecessarily.

Teachers are good in Cambridge, I have had friends who worked there but left after 1 year as they were so unhappy there. They don't get treated well by management and dont have proper resources to teach the children. So many teachers I know have worked there only 1 year, then moved on to find better schools with more pay.

Are you folks taking about boys or girls school?

Sadly, i agree with Missteacher. Teachers are rather unhappy as to a number of issues like accommodation, delayed and low pay, as well as stubborn management who have a 'take it or leave it' attitude. Inspite of all this, the education standard isnt as bad as people make it out to be.

Last year Cambridge scored the highest marks in IGCSE in Science subjects. Even A level results were pretty good.

One of the main issues is the management taking education like any other business and parents expecting Doha college or ASD standard but wanting to pay less than half in fees.

I am a realist and understand that i am getting what i am paying for. Cambridge is good compared to all the schools with a similar fee structure.

I am talking about the international (mixed) school

Iamea I don't agree with u!! I saw Mr mark talking to kids when we went for meeting the kids were leaving school for home. He was walking around the corridors and shouting at kids to tuck in their shirts, move out of the classes quickly, not to talk loudly and generally harrasing the kids. All kids were tired after a whole day at school and noise is understandable at the end of the school. My child is scared of Mark and when shes not listening to me I tell her that I'll tell Mr. Mark about it and she does whatever I ask her. I have never been able to meet or talk to Mr. Throp so i dont think he exist. Of all the People ur the only one praising the school i wonder y??? I'm talking about the co education school.

I don't trust the private drivers also and can't pick n drop her so I'm stuck with the school transport. By the way the ac of the bus also doesn't work and she's dripping in sweat and looking like a ripe tomato when she gets off the bus.

There r frequent outbreaks of flue and cough in primary classes too.

It's not easy to change school we applied in different schools this year but didn't get accepted because there r a lot of kids with preffered nationalities.

New development is that the school year is about to end in three weeks and the class teacher has sent so much home work and spellings which is impossible to learn by heart for a child in such short time. The teacher just remembered now to complete the course. What else can we expect. I regret the day we admitted our child in that forsaken school. I wish she's excepted in any other school so we can get rid of this everyday tension.

One important academic year of my child has been ruined because of lack of teaching abilities and casual attitude by the management. I don't expect wonders in the next year it will be the same. I just hope someone from the supreme education council takes notice of this worst school on the planet and do something about it.

The school fee is not small it's quiet a lot if u actually knew what we pay and the other schools with the same fee structure provide way better education than this horrible excuse for a school. Just talk to any primary student of park house school they will have better Vacubulary, R able to read better, paint and draw better, more confident and actually interested in studying. I'm talking about the primary school not A level. In A level the kids have private tuitions also to help cope with the paralysis of the education standard of the school. The primary school is horrible. It has made my child almost only playfull and she hates studying because of the environment of the class and no stress on studies. Kids sit on the carpet all day and play and talk about anything and everything except study.

If you consider schools with similar fees structure, then you can consider English Modern School. I believe it's a better school compared to what you experience in Cambridge. Although I agree mostly are arab students but at least they have proper syllabus & education structure. I talked to the teachers & the teachers did showed me their daily workbooks & things they learned in school. Unless you can find a place in the better english schools like ASD, DC, PHES, DBS.. then EMS is worth considering.


Being stern is often required to maintain order. children can get very rowdy especially at home time and i do not blame Mr Mark for shouting.

My friends son is in Doha college and for his Igcse's and A levels he had to take private tuitions after school. My daughter just sat her Igcse's in TCS (the cambridge school) and she has never needed private tuitions.

Please compare the Park House fees with Cambridge fees before comparing their environment.Same goes for Doha college,ASD etc

Let me make on thing very clear, i am a normal unbiased parent with no personal connections with the school but I prefer to weigh the pros and cons before passing judgement.


mr mark shouts at the kids because they deserve it. Hes just following the rules by telling the boys to the tuck their shirts in so you cant blame him for that. I think you are going a little too far by saying that he was 'harassing' the children. The teacher probably couldnt complete the course because the students wouldnt let the teacher to his/her job. As for your childs playful attitude have you ever considered that it may be your child's fault or maybe one of her friends influence. (no offence intended)

He was shouting at the kids when the school time was over and there was no need to TUCK IN the shirts! Tell me that the teacher didn't complete the course bcoz of the kids when u know for sure don't assume plus isn't it the duty of the teacher to guide the kids and not let them do whatever they want..... It is the fault of the teacher who couldn't handle kids she should not b a teacher if she can't teach!

I have compared the fees and know or a fact that there's a little difference which I'm willing to pay if my daughter gets admission in park house which is not happening.

Maintaining the order in the school? What a joke this school doesn't even plan when to open after the summer holidays and the dates for distributing the books and uniform ever! They send an SMS a week b4 as if they just woke up... The parents have to call again and again to confirm the dates which is difficult for people who haved planned to spend the vacation in their native countries..

We have clear date when CISG for Girls will open, since start of summer vacations

I'm talking about the international co education branch...... U have a date for that too? I will b very interested to know how u came to know about the opening of coeducation branch bcoz the same thing happened last year too. I know what I'm talking about its not a work of fiction my child actually goes there. The Cambridge school is the worst school in the universe and there nothing anybody can do or say to change doing my best to take my child someplace else and I suggest that everyone should do the same...... End of discussion!!

The Cambridge school is the worst school in the universe and there nothing anybody can do or say to change it."

I agree with the first part but surely there is something or someone who can try to change the school for the better. Bit of dead end thinking, no?

Have you put your feedback & any suggestions to the school out of interest?

When a student talks about the behaviour of the children in the school then i think he or she is a better source than anyone about the subject.. There is a limiit to which a teacher can be pushed by the students and if they crossed the limit you cant blame the tutor for it. As for mr mark shouting to the pupils to tuck their shirts in, tucking shirts in is part of the rules so mr. Mark is trying to enforce the rules to " maintain order" which you think the school lacks .he deserves credit for this.

The school dates were already posted on the portal months in advance and they have apparently been followed. The sms that was given to parents was to remind us about the opening dates of school. Please tell me how the "worst school in the universe" can obtain 87% A*-C results in IGCSE examinations and how consistantly students can get the highest marks in IGCSE subjects in all of qatar.

Yeah they might be doing something right.....

I dont know where u r getting the fee structure of Parkhouse from? I compared it with Cambridge and they r definitely higher! They also have a 3000qr admission fee!

I dont know where u r getting the fee structure of Parkhouse from? I compared it with Cambridge and they r definitely higher! They also have a 3000qr admission fee!

If anyone gets a job offer from this school please don't accept it. It is better to starve. They will cheat you from day one of working there. They are experts in cutting the teachers salaries over trivial matters. If the students fight in class your salary is cut 500 riyals, sit down in the classroom its 200 riyals, late to class by 5 minutes 100 riyals cut, late for duty 120 riyals. They will find all sorts of ways to deduct money from your salary.

The students are the worst behaved. Back answer teacher, abuse them, fight in the class, don't obey anyone. Teachers have been assaulted many times by students. Security guards who are supposed to remove such students from the class take no action because they are regularly bribed by the students.

There are cameras in all areas of the schools watching the teachers. Students can do ask they please.

Most teachers quit after 1 month because they are literally tortured here. If you try to violate the contract you are threatened with $25,000 law suit.

Read more:

that is illegal!!! even here in Qatar!! After a contract is signed and agreed on for the salary, no company has the legal right to deduct a salary for behaviors, especially if the teacher is not the fault a child shows up late etc!!! thats simply ridiculous. Report to the labor dept. the problem is, staff (expats) dont understand their rights!!! if they keep silent, and fear their boss, of course it will continue this way.

I had a girl at my work that was finished with her shift, she clocked out, and then went to visit a co-worker who has her own office. The CEO saw her coming out of this lady's office, and reprimanded her saying it is not allowed to be in her office or ever socialize with the management. he told her she will lose 500r from her monthly salary, and also a for a days pay for doing this.

poor girl was so upset and scared. They contacted me, I told them to report it, and guess what, the company got fined for touching her salary!!! This mentality of the management thinking the workers are laborors with no rights, who are they to tell this girl she can not talk to a co-worker just because the co-worker is a manager!!!

Come on, just report this, and fight back.

The Labor Dept is unaware of these problems if people do not know their rights and speak up, even here in Qatar.

I agreed with you all, I have two kids studding at this school in primary stage, till now no books and no PE uniform, very bad school in every single issue; I tried other schools but all waiting list.

We all loose the education of our children and we are unable to do any thing......

The class teacher of my daughter doesn’t know how to write on the planner, and always spilling mistakes.

But to be honest the Islamic teachers are good, but other subjects extremely not good, some of them maybe not teachers.

, have you called the receptionist there, loooooooooooooool she's very very bad.

I’m very upset and I don’t know what to do,

What to do, please till me what to do.

I agreed with you all, I have two kids studding at this school in primary stage, till now no books and no PE uniform, very bad school in every single issue; I tried other schools but all waiting list.

We all loose the education of our children and we are unable to do any thing......

The class teacher of my daughter doesn’t know how to write on the planner, and always spilling mistakes.

But to be honest the Islamic teachers are good, but other subjects extremely not good, some of them maybe not teachers.

, have you called the receptionist there, loooooooooooooool she's very very bad.

I’m very upset and I don’t know what to do,

What to do, please till me what to do.

I have to agree with Shery_76, the primary section isnt very good in our school. The teachers are fine i think but overall the students, the facilities and the teaching in primary isnt the best. Its much better in secondry though. We get the better side of the school and the better facilities. As for the books i was informed that the suppliers got them late and i think theyre going to give the books after the eid holidays. I saw them distribute the books to a bunch of 4th grade classes on wednesday. I think you should be happy that the p.e shirts arent in yet, theyre expensive and are of very ordinary quality.

What to do? You cant do anything. Its a "my way or the highway" type of mentality of the management, all you can do is just try to be patient. I am also very frustrated that the books arent in yet but since I cant do anything I try to keep myself from being bothered about them.

I feel sorry for all the parents who send their kids to this hellhole. I had my daughter there and after 5 months I took her out. There are some good teachers. But they have their limits. It is the management that needs a revamp. Very rude people work in the management, specially the arabic people. Very rude. Very rude.

Can we not parents do a sitting in front of the Education Council with banners and somebody takes the lead to address these issues to the SEC? Is this illegal here? Or may be parents can make a complain to the SEC on the same day at the same time, one after the other. This will create a better awareness. United we stand stronger. Honestly, I really feel sorry for those kids who are forced to attend such hell holes.

i totaly agree with you. The management is the sole reason why our school is getting worse and worse every year. It used to be so good when GEMS had control of the school. Ever since the Taleb group came in our school it started getting a bad reputation. I really hope some other compay comes in and starts controlling our school. Anyone is better than the Taleb group.

cambridge school for girls recently offered me a job there. i was offered a maths teacher job for classes 5-8. i have been teaching in different syllabus all this while and was tempted with the offer of being able to teach in a british syllabus. but all your opinions make me think several times.

kindly suggest what i should do.

Give me advice, shall I go for my daughter in Cambridge international for girls. For kg 1

Hi, nags,

are you send your daughter to Cambridge international for girls?

how is it ?

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