I met one of the person here in qatar through the GULF TIMES advertisement, recruiting the skilled workers to Canada . The recruiter company name is "m98world". How I wil check whether this one is fake or not? They Are asking for 1500 QR for the visa processing also they inform as this process will take 10 months after the registration, So any one have any idea to verify this recruitment?
There office is located just opposite side of the Al Safa hotel Near the Jaida Bridge.


Hello , for my information Canada immigration process takes from 2 to 3 years minimum ,,, also required some skills IELTS 6 , and bank credit .......etc ,

so take care

My collegue is working as journalist and he's planning to go to Canada. I can assure you what Prince Ahmed said, take care they seem to be scammers

You don't just pay for a visa of any kind (except perhaps a visit visa) to Canada - AND you deal with government offices and agencies, not recruiters if you want to be sure you're not being overcharged or cheated.

two of my friends already got a job offer in canada thru online and without giving any penny. if there asking for some payments i think its a scam.

I would strongly suggest you skip the recruiter. You can fill in all the documents on your own - look for the Canadian embassy in Kuwait in Google and you will find all that you need there. Unless you have lots of money, skills that are in demand (and papers to prove your qualifications), or are a refugee, it is very difficult to get in to Canada. It can take years for the papers to get through so if someone has told you 10 months, that is probably completely unrealistic.

If you have the skills a company requires in Canada they will obtain the work permit for you. This is almost certainly a scam.

Where all the trust has gone from this world ???

God bless all !!!

hello oslec2011 if its ok if i can get the site where your friend applied for job in canada?....thanks

Agents are truly helpful for any person who is not too much into computers.

Some are not having credit cards & so on....

My gf just took the exam an hour ago. she's waiting for the result in 1 week time. hayz if she pass for the IELTS. What is the next step?

Looks SCAM to me....

Just go to this website.. You don't need an agent ..\\

These agencies are all fraud and just loot the money of the people. Try going to Canada the genuine way!


One skilled labor asked me too and left the print out to check.........

"The company in Qatar name is "European Union Manpower" CR no. 77999 office in Qatar and Bahrain....."

Please check and advise

Thanks to all.....The office s located in the just opposite side of the Al Safa hotel Near the Jaida Bridge. There has one recruitment agency named as City Trading and Contracting. Infront of that this canadian recruiter seated in a port a cabin. Me also think as it s a fraud....

Is there any legal way to complaint against this?

Thanks to all once again....

I suggest you complain to the Canadian Embassy in Kuwait about this and let them take it up with the Qatar police.

Oh thats fantastic. How did they get it? Which site?

Where I need to complaint here in Qatar to check there fraud.....

great news my Girlfriend pass the test on IELTS. whats the next step?


i'm looking europian agencies in qatar for canada, so guy please help me out...

How to get IELTS and where..?

if you going through Canadian consulate website you can see the fees structure. 1500 really high . without LMO you cant get visa . ask to them give the documents. so that you will take the visa by your own risk. go to Canadian consulate enquire, embessy people are really helpfull. there is no job in Canada without interview . mind it

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