cheap IDD call from the philippines

i just wanna ask. what simcard is the best and the cheapest IDD call rate here in the philippines.. that i can use to call my gf in qatar? thanks


i'd suggest, better check the providers there. :) my family alternately use Sun and Globe to call me. :)

My mom is using globe, she said its cheaper.

i have my regular smart roaming that i used when i am abroad but when i am in the Philippines, i use sun international to call Qatar. by experience, it is the cheapest. just make sure you use the Sun International sim and not the regular one.

Same as Glecs said it is....

thanks to all :) i'll try sun international sim.

olan, take care of the signal... sun cellular may work only during day time and sunny season. lolz... joke lang! :-)

Kabayan, patulong naman,? Di kasi makacontact sakin ang nasa pinas, using sun sim. Kailangan pa daw ng country code and area code?

Diba direct na po dapat yun? +974..... Ok na?

Tnx. Po..

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