Drinking water company Doha

Can anyone recommend a drinking water company that offers dispenser and water delivery?

I recently had to cancel my brand new agreement with a water company because the water tasted like plastic!! Not sure if the taste came from the new dispenser or the water or both?

Has anyone else had a similar experience here?


I'm using Nestle, and I'm happy with them so far.

Problem with Nestle Water is that they have one of the highest content of Sodium in their water(which is unhealthy for you)

oh really? Did not realize that! which one would you recommend?

NOmercy . Its true..Nestle has the highest sodium percentage. Try Rayyan

Your profile says you are from Italy and in Italy they are paranoid of Sodium in their water... All TV adverts that promote water companies promote their water "Senza Sodio" You should know better! ;)

Even HAMAD Medical uses and certifies them as the Best as it contains d lowest amount of Sodium and other minerals in Right Percentages.

I'm using Al Manhal and the water sodium is medium, and the taste is not bad. Once a week delivery though unless you call (they will delivery 1-2 more depending on how low your family is). Their prices are the same as taking an empty container to the market and dragging a full one back, but delivered to your door!

My roommate also uses Wataniya, which for the first month is super service, multiple times a week. Then seems to not be so super. But that could be that they changed to one to two times a week delivery and my roommate never knew (he also puts them out too late when most of the service starts 6-8am).

The differences between the two is Al Manhal sometimes delivers leaking overused bottles, and Wataniya's bottles almost 100% look brand new. Wataniya's taste isn't quite as good as Al Manhal's but still not bad at all.

Banana cake, low sodium and smooth water to the troat is TANOURINE. I am not use if the supplier can provide water dispenser....

I am only buying 1.5 L

better to try them all, then deside

plz find me the fiji water supplier in doha

Randomly choosing water by taste isn't going to determine whether it is healthy or not.

They don't deliver when they say they will, don't answer the phone, don't respond to messages for over a day. If you ever have a problem you can never reach a person on the phone.

Hi I am also looking for such info. Can you let me know which one is the best water.

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