GPS Navigation in Qatar with Iphone 3g/3gs

GPS Navigation with Iphone 3g/3gs with the detailed map including Route, directions, turn by turn voice help using GPS Softwares like Sygic,IGO My Way, XGps, MotionX-Gps..Any Queries regarding GPS navigation with Iphone will be answered..


Gps Navigation working perfectley in my iphone 3g, with routing and turn by turn voice help..with full functionaliy like Tom Tom..pretty amazing and much better than Garmin..

No need for internet, the maps i'm using are pre-loaded and with all the functionality including routing and turn by turn with voice for both Sygic and Igo My Way..

I've customised Xgps and MotionX-GPs with maps of the region I needed completely pre-loaded..

All the maps of the middle east region are latest, the softwares uses only the GPS capabilty of Iphone 3g/3gs..dont even need cellular network..

Suhakm...voice guided navigation and routing...are "Paid services"....unless you hacked it.

XGpS and MotionX-GPs are solely for Iphone 3g/3gs which doesnnt have routing and turn by turn assisting capabilties..wheras Sygic and Igo My Way were fully functional paid applications working in Wm6/Symbian 60/Uig..I just have customised these two applications with its full capabilties to function in Iphone 3g/3gs..

i've got GPS on my N78, its has everything..voice...turn by turn navigation

how does that work then? when i used it here in qatar there was no charge for usage but when i drove to dubai i got charged for international usage of internet

is it good then?

Demo of xGPS on uTube




Normally phones with GPs inbuilt, functions as any other stand alone GPS units like Garmin,Tom Tom..but the software ur using in N78 might have got the Maps updated through internet connection of the respective Cellular Network..3g/GPRS..Mention the GPS software ur using on N78

what version of sygic did u download coz i tried to look one but theres no sygic middle east only europe russia ect..


I've loaded sygic gcc

on iPhone 3gs but not getting a valid signal? Help!!

My dear friend ,

I just landed in Doha and would like to use my iphone but without paying for Qtel or Roger for using builtin maps(Gps) also please advise how can i activate Gps speaking feature??your help is really needed and higly appreciated!Thanks,Musa

Can i use my Canadian iPhone as GPS without Qtel or Vodafone network?and how i update it with latest maps of qatar?thanks my dear.

TomTom Middle East


For iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch



- The app alone will not provide turn-by-turn directions for your iPhone and iPod touch model

- In order for the app to work on your device, you’ll need the TomTom car kit with its built-in GPS receiver

- Only the iPhone 3G and 3GS do not require the TomTom car kit for the app to function, as these models have GPS technology embedded



- Get the TomTom navigation app and enjoy smart, easy-to-use, turn-by-turn navigation on your iPhone or iPod touch

- Buy now and get upcoming app updates for free


- Easy A to B navigation

- Intuitive menu means effortless navigation to addresses, points of interest, your favorites, or any point on the map

- User-friendly 2D or 3D driving view

- Clear, spoken, turn-by-turn instructions

- Fast route calculation and re-calculation, should you miss a turn

- Route summary screen clearly shows your route and estimated travel time


- A complete up-to-date map is stored on your iPhone or iPod touch

- No cellular signal or data plan is required to browse your map and navigate to your destination

- No data roaming costs are incurred when traveling to other countries

- Additional maps of countries worldwide are available for purchase on the App Store


- Help Me! emergency menu for easy contact or directions to local emergency providers such as police, fire stations and hospitals


- Navigate to your contacts without having to look up the address

- Call points of interest directly from within the app

- Landscape orientation option for a better view of what's ahead

- Multi-Touch display support for scrolling through menus, or pinching to zoom in and out on a map

- iPod player support for convenient control of your music within the app


- Detailed map of Middle East

- Countries covered: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates


- Please visit for more information on the TomTom app and TomTom car kit


- Please check our FAQ section on for additional support

Download Links

TomTom MEast 1.2- by canolli.ipa




Hi Sajid the links you gave have 148 mb files

what to do once downloaded , how to install on iphone

Do i have pay any thing are they freeware


I m planning to drive my way into KSA from Qatar for an Umrah trip using my Iphone 3g (Sygic ).I just wanna know from ur experience if it will guide me all the way to Makkah Mukarmah and Madinah Munawarrah? or there will be some signal problems as i firmly believe my device works by the signal from the satellite.Secondly, is the latest 2010 version of Sygic available in English & howz its results as i dont wanna update n loose even wat i m getting perfectly now .Your experience n advice about this will be highly appreciated ..Thx..

Currently , im using 2009 sygic version n its working perfectly within Qatar.It claims same results for entire GCC...


I found IGO My Way Middle East maps on apple store. Now, the question is do I need to inatall IGO My Way software (which I could not find) or it is included in the maps simply? I mean do I just need to install the maps> Kindly confirm

Hi Jubatus, I find myself in the same situation as you regarding I go my way maps, are they available in Doha? where? and have you got a solution? please tell me if you have. Thanks in advance.

on iphone it would cost ryt ? hw abut using nokia instead and its free of cost , do all the navigation u can like i do ;)

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