Horrible accident - Mercedes Benz - Al-Khor

Have a look at the attached pics of road accident happened most probably early this morning...

Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.

Take care...drive within limits.

Best regards


how come that a Mercedes Benz come into peaces like that

what happened to the passenger?????

any confirmed news

Even a car being bombed does not look this bad, maybe the driver lost control at an extremely high speed ....

im just imagining wat speed this driver will be driving the car..very bad..any news for the driver..

Time Changes Everything

oh my.. should i ask what happened to the driver or drop this question? :/

[img_assist|nid=12867|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.

OH NO!! this is sad photos. I can't think of what happened to the driver or the pessanger.



srsly whats goin on these days people are geting into car crashes a lot my sis works in hamad hospital and like tons of cases are about car accidents its wierd like their not even drunk..their etheir in a hurry or like get pissed easily

i don't know if i will feel sad or should i symphatize or should i laugh or blame the driver of this accident... safety precautions, restriction and violation are implemented here in Doha. and until now, only few are obedient. only some knows how to follow rules.

even when they witness a real accident while driving, they're not scared. still they continue to disabide the road's precautions... in a day of my driving, i never never witness a day without wreckless drivers. defensive driving (discipline) is the best way to prevent this accidents.

dread to think what happened to the people involved :(

u should send the photos copy to Mercedez Benz Co. and complains thought they have the best safety car features thing. hehehehehe see how they response back.



wht is this? is it accident or a bomb.Either way the pics r shocking...............

maliz...you are better than a news photographer...you covered the story in pictures completely.

I remember driving to Khor and being tailgated at 177kms by an arab girl flashing her lights. There was no way for me to giveway as the other lane was full of vehicles.

If finally got a bit space on the right side and gave way....the nutcase sped on maybe going above 180kms.

That day I decided not to give way endangering mylife as well as others no matter whatever happens......atleast I will be alive.

jjh jjh

That's really a terrible accident! the driver must be over speeding like 220 to 250 km an hour! whatever! it must be very fast to have a strong impact like that!

I don't want to imagine, what happen to the driver though!

who has been speeding, only for the other people injured or killed, so sad :(



dragonfly212...safety features are just numbers...they dont matter in a crash.

Maybe it matters if one is going below 80km-100km ....maybe!

oops.. This looks like a car bomb exploded..

He must have rolled so many times for the car... um, scrap to be in that condition.

I just don't get it. They have zero tolerance on drunk driving or being under the influence of alcohol and yet these accidents are just way out of this world. I mean look at those pictures!!

Imagine if they were intoxicated?!


What a shocking moment. Looks like it was hit by a bomb. I think this is the worst car accident i have ever seen to compare with the program i have visited which is to prevent accident in the road. That's why they're are a lot of warning signs in every corner of the road just to remind us all to slow down and reduce speed because someone's waiting for us. Anyway as the goes saying "Prevention is better than Cure"

Being the what they call the one of the safest car in the world, i think it is the driver who is responsible enough to drive carefully by abiding those implemented rules here in qatar, sometimes people tend to think that whenever they are driving they thought that the road are their own.

Drive slowly, drive responsibly, Respect yourself, and respect the road.

a profound sadness to the driver.

That is why alcohol is banned here....imagine the plight ...had he been driving drunk....

it doesn't matter that alcohol is banned. there are plenty of people driving under the influence here, and not only foreigners.

a car doesn't break up like that normally. this guy must have been going so bloody fast that really the only thing to say is thank God he didn't crash in an area where there were pedestrians or other cars.

there is no reason in this day and age to be as ignorant as so many seem to be about the dangers of reckless driving. better that this guy killed himself before he killed someone innocent.


"Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day." Withnail & I

Holy sh*t.. how on earth did that happen.. all i can see r parts of the vehicle... Seriously dont drive that fast guys...


I Told Mercedez was the safetiest car in the world. but I am Wrong....

As you guy's can see it's an SLR, with a top speed of 334 km/h and he must have been driving way more than 250km/h - maybe 300km/h. But look at the cockpit, it's relatively unharmed. the Monocoque Chassis worked.

vignale....we guys cant see it...there is no car there....the cockpit is that of the skylab that landed in Khor;)

Jackmohan2007, the Double wishbone still attached to the Wheel(which is an original 19" SLR wheel), the flat underbody, the openings for the Exhaust in front of the Door Hinge, the Door Sills all point to only one car the SLR. And it really proves that Mercedes makes the safest cars in the World. With any other car the Cockpit would have been smashed to pieces.

hi they were 2 person both were into pieces &unfortunately they are my best freinds cousin brothers mother is in dilemma my hubby went to funeral.

Naye dost banane ki aadat hain hume, Apni alag pehchan banane ke aadat hain hume,Chahe koi kitna bhi zakhm de, Phir bhi muskurane ke aadat hain hume

with a missile? :( Very bad ...

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. (Gautama Buddha)


ishutanu ...sad to know you are closely related to them.

Many people see the advertisnemt of BMWs & Mercedece & believe they are the safest car.

Where are the Front Airbags...the curtain Airbags...the ABS brakes...etc....all these are just better in comparison with other cars.

There is no such thing as a "SAFE CAR" PERIOD.

Man tat was a real shocking accident pics man ......

Wondering wat speed the driver might be going ??

at top speed, I cannot imagine a merc breaking up to that extent.

Was the accident reported in the press?

what happend with the driver and the passenger/s if any?? so horrible!...

with airbags and everything else, some people mistakenly believe they are invincible when driving. clearly this is not so.

i wonder if the driver was young - that's another problem in this country, too many young men with cars they can't control.

it's always a shame when someone passes, but if you drive at close to 300 kph or whatever insane speed these guys were doing, you're pretty much asking for it to happen sooner or later.

now that my wife and i have a 3 month old baby in the car with us, i find this kind of thing more offensive than ever. people like this put other people's lives at risk and they are a menace to society.


"Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day." Withnail & I

This is a Car that got F1 Technology that keeps the Driving Compartment intact while the other parts of the Car takes up the forces, which makes it a safer car, but with impact at high speed your neck brakes, unlike in a F1 car where there is a Neck retainer connected to the Helmet.

so the suggestion to drive slowly may also endangered some parties. What should be encouraged is driving defensively. If you are in a freezone, you can drive as fast as you wish but be sensitive of others, and if you're sensitive of others, you must be more sensitive about yours. Safe driving means defensive driving. You may go fast but still safe.

"dgoodrebel will always be the rebellious good one"

safe driving does mean driving defensively but if you are driving at above 130-140kph, you are driving aggressively.

if you want to go that fast then rent some time on a racetrack. how can you be sensitive of others if you're doing 200kph? what if someone turns onto the street, or a pedestrian appears that you did not notice before?

most people don't have the reflexes to safely drive at such high speeds, and almost no drivers have the car-control skills to get things back under control when they start going out of control at such high speeds. anyone who says they do is full of it.


"Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day." Withnail & I

May his soul rest in peace. Ameen

on the morning on 14th July 2008

Never Ask for a SMILE..just GIVE it..

Our deep condolences to his family and may his soul rest in peace.

to the his Family and mah his soul rest in peace..


Have Courage To Live.

Anyone Can Die.

what happen to the people involved?

Apparently they could not even piece the body of Sh Jassim together. Horrible.

I have been told that the car rolled over. Yeh How many times?


apparently he was only 22:-(

How sad.

take a look at this comparison

Its so sad people are not learning from their mistakes.

But I think he learnt it this time.....though its toooo late!



Does anybody know what happend to the driver? How is he?


Apple i mean always people see this sort of accidents and still they drive very fast.

I heard that he instantly died:((

**We came from him and to him we shall return!**



that is a sad facts in Doha!



Well someone said there were 2 people in the car and that Sh Jassim was the passenger & he died in a horrible way. So who & what happend to the driver?


Not only in doha, but all most every where in world.

People do some mistakes get in trouble when solved, again they repeat it.

HAppens long time ago @ the north Road...This is a Mercedez Benz SLR MAclarren. Driver is a 22 year old Local...Lose control of his car..

Original post...

All we know that this accident happened in Qatar on the 15th when a 22-year old driver lost control of the Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR.

We don’t know did the driver survive. We hope for the best, but looking at the pictures it is hard to believe anyone would survive a crash like that.

Money should not be the issue as Qatar is a very rich oil country and it comes to us no surprise that 22-year old ones drive supercars that most of us can only dream of.

No information on what was the speed, what the car hit and did it explode(looking at the pictures it seems that it has exploded).

Original link below..


Everyday i beat my own previous records,for the number of days i have stayed alive!

Another version says, it was a teen who just graduated from UK-Uni and was given an "MB" as a present?

Anyway, my prayers for him and his family!



i wont ask anymore how fast the driver heading to heaven... sadly the MB left on heaven's stairways in Al Khor..

~~~ There is no substitute for victory yet there is risks of too much oversight... ~~~

-->MB SLR-McLaren worth QR2.3M!!!!

Having it, just in my dream:)



but something i feel like families here should really know better then to give their kids insane machines like this...

these guys are speed freaks and nothing will change them!!

what did he gain from having a Mclaren now, he lost his life so young

god rest his soul

Dweller, you asked if it was reported in the press.

I have been here several yrs and can tell you that very few accidents are reported. There is definetly some kind of 'cover up', why, I dont know.

I work all over Qatar, I have seen lots of very serious accidents, incuding where several people have been killed (seen the bodies layed out) NOTHING WHAT SO EVER GETS IN THE PRESS. Ok, slight exaggeration, a few not so serious accidents get reported, but not the majority, and certainly not many of the ones I have witnessed.

Surlely the more accidents that are reported, the more that is exposed, and the more people learn the full extent of the problem, then the more efficiently something might get done!!!

Maybe somebody from Gulf Times can inform us why these things are not reported when so many of us have witnessed them at first hand.

so sheikh Jassim dies in a car accident today and its not reported?????uuhh??


It was reported in the Arabic newspaper. Someone I know saw the picture of the tire in the paper and was wondering what kind of car it came from.


Well, this can only happen to the car of GHOST RIDER

Can anybody tell me (in particular the journalists based in Qatar) why the media in Qatar did not report on this serious accident?

Certainly there were lessons to be learnt and shared with the community!

It's unfortunate. The man driving this car passed away in the accident. His younger brother is one of my close friends. My condolences go out to his family

If they reported these stories each time they happened, people would get the opinion that Qataris are fast, reckless and a danger to other people on the road.

When I read this thread, all I can think about is thank god this guy is dead.

There should be less people driving like idiots on the road endangering the life of safe drivers. It was an act of god that he died without killing other innocent people.

It was repeorted in the Arabic papers, but liike so many things....it did not make the English papers. I wonder why not?


It was probably in the Arabic papers, firstly, because it was news to do with a local and also in order to highlight the dangers to the local population about speeding.

Secondly, the editors probably felt that it would not be of interest to foreigners. Also, most of the news in English papers is related to expats or their interests / cultures..

Britexpat. Yes, but why should it not be of interest to us. There are many things in the arabic newspapers that concern the country, and is this not our country too (even if it is by adoption) like in the Gulf times they write stories about other countries, but I dont read them cos I am not interested. However if there are more stories about Qatar, I would read those. Also this would be a way for the expats to understand the country, people & culture better.


Vignale is correct, it is a SLR its either the V8 model or the super car model with the V12 supercharged engine and one of the fastest cars Mercedes makes. I went into Mercedes with a friend who is considering buying an r350 and sure enough... there was the v12 model on the sales floor so it could very well be one, or whats left of it. This is most likely the v12 super model (super rare too).. it is made up mostly of carbon fiber and would explain why it is in so many pieces.

After 20 years on the autobahn and seeing cars crash at over 200kph its clear this guy was way over that speed.

Inalillah wa inaalahi ragioon!

Alhdmulillah I am still kicking, at 20 I had a car WAY too fast for someone so young and I would drive like an utter fool. That I am still alive is amazing.

so sad that's why there is a fatwa that speeding is haram

I don't think is car crashed accident, I think is car bombed.

The pices is jut to much to be car crsahed

all we can do is pray for Sh-jassim bin Hamid Bin jassim al thani- he was da drive...


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