Housemaid hire q's

By Doha family

Hi there, I have a few questions regarding housemaid hire (sorry if this question has already been asked a million times).

I am hoping to hire an experienced live in housemaid from within Doha. I was under the belief that in order to hire a live in housemaid they would need to be under my sponsorship.

Several people have applied for this job and they say they have NOC's from their sponsor and that it is ok for them to work as my live in housemaid without transferring sponsorship. Others have claimed that since they are on company/free/business visa's they do not need to be under my sponsorship to work as a live in maid for me.

I would be grateful for some clarification!!

Thank you!

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By nakefa• 6 months 4 days ago.

Noc letter is temporary for a probation period , but after passing the probation period successful you can change her sponsor if you certified for that

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