how much salary for a police or army .

can i get job in polce or army if my nationality is pakistani but born in qatar and speak 100% arabic and english.does anyone know rates tge salary....

acctually my cousin wants to go to police and army....


Go to Nearest Polistation and ask them

For sure you can get a job in Bahrain

salary is around 5000 to 5500

Requirements to join the Army, Police, Faza, and Lehkwiya:

- You need to be born in Qatar

- You need to speak Arabic. You don't need to be fluent but should be able to do some sort of conversion. Reading and Writing is also necessary.

- You need to be atleast a High School Graduate (not 100% sure about this)

- Physically some what fit. They wont take obese ppl. If your a little over weight thats alright because they will trim you down with there training.

Lehkwiya's applications just opened up a week or two ago. Now they are closed till next year I think. You should know someone on the inside to help you out with the process.

Best of luck!!

Salary is around 5000-6000QR. I heard Haris Al-Amiri offers very good salary packages (+7000QR, if you get married you get a increment of 1500QR or 2500QR)

call mr md javed on 33063677 he will help u, cause he just put his brother who came on visit visa, with no education back ground, no knowledge of arabic, english, only can speak urdu. had a problem with his medicals passing, but his cousin hamad managed to bribe the medicals team and get mr salim pass his medicals. u can also contact mr hamad on 55753880. i am sure they will be of help to u. this is the lakwiya team brothers, many more still there. good advz.

A classic case for a private message, perhaps? Or may be not jmr79?!!!

wow...completely illegal advise on an open forum!

amazing....but not surprising.

i am sorry

no i,m pakistani and not jamr

I m also intrested in ths job... 

simply and right answer lol

is the advice still avaialble? and is mr md javed still here in qatar able to give advice? i want to find out a few things about the amiri guard.

Yes Hani Shah, jmr79 is working at lakhwiya security who passed the most irresponsible comment here.

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