Lost Cat - Vegetable Market Area

I lost my cat yesterday at Magdoleen Gardens, near Alfardan Garden 4.

He is a male and answers to the name of Shamal.

Please call 55893650 if you find him.

He is a short haired, grey and white cat, very clean with a long tale.

He will be very scared, I found him when he was a kitten on Shamal Road. He is now 1 year old.

Lost on 26th February 2012.


Will that cat be clean at this moment as well.....

Please post on the Cats In Qatar facebook page. I feel for you it is so sad when a pet goes missing.

thank you

Hope you find your cat soon.

hope you find him, hope i can help you

ohhh!!! i know how you feel JH9i. hope you'll find him soon!

I hope this thread ends happily. Good luck finding him.

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