Name Correction in Visa
By QatJohn • 4 years 3 weeks ago.

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How do i correct the names of both of my sons put in the visa. Their names are incorrect in the visa and do not match with the names given in the passport.

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By pimedia• 4 years 3 weeks ago.

take it to where it was issued from

By madurai• 4 years 3 weeks ago.

dear no worries,

contact ur company rep..and he will clear this problem or if you applied personally then take this to immigration office and they issue immediately the correct one and it is not complicated one and easily will be worries..

By s_nair• 4 years 3 weeks ago.

If your children s are here then its problems if they still didn't arrive a the Mandup can fix it

By jjh• 4 years 3 weeks ago.
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You cannot correct it yourself! you have to take it back where you applied for it or if it is issued by your sponsor, you have to tell them about it! So they can send their Mandoob to have it fix!

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