New Rent Law

My home lease agreement was signed on Aug-2004 with validity for one year till 30th August 2005.every year Landlord used to give a notice with rent hike. Again last Aug-2008 my landlord issued me a notice stating 15% hike on my rent, According to the new law the rent shall not be increased until Feb 14 2010.

1, Does the landlord have right to increase the rent since he used to increase the rent yearly?

2, Can the yearly notice from landlord with rent hike considered as yearly contract renewal? (even though oroginal contract was signed before 1/1/2005)

Hope some one who can correctly interpret the New rent law could advise me




Even though the original contract was on a yearly basis you have been renewing every year correct? Each renewal and rent hike is a new contract. You paid in checks right? You received a signed receipt from this landord right? Rents are FROZEN until Feb 15, 2010. Period. Even if he does not agree you go ahead and pay to the rental dispute court. He can get his money there. DO NOT GIVE IN TO YOUR LANDLORD. THE LAW IS THE LAW AND THE COURTS HAVE UPHELD THE LAW TO THE LETTER. Use your rights as a tenant because I can assure you your landlord will use his when the time comes. There will likely be a rental increase allowed with the next law in 2010. So pay more now and you will defintely pay more according to that rate in 2010. Place a note on your door "RENT FROZEN UNTIL FEB 2010" for your landlord to see in plain sight.
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