New traffic laws in Qatar

In todays Gulf Times - Read to the bottom for the points system.
By my calculations the roads of Qatar will be traffic free very soon !

In a major move to curb the growing number of accidents and reckless driving on Qatar’s roads, the government yesterday promulgated a new Traffic Law, stipulating severe penalties for violators including a point system which would ultimately lead to the cancellation of a habitual offender’s driving licence.

Decree No 19 of 2007, issued by HH the Deputy Emir and Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, said a driving licence may be suspended for three months when the total violations reached 14 points for the first time.

If the same person gathered 12 points again, his licence would be suspended for six months, nine months on the accumulation of the next 10 points and one year for the next eight points.

Ultimately, a driving licence may be cancelled if the same offender earned six points for the fifth time. And in this case, a new driving licence shall be issued only after he passed a new driving test. However, the law said the earlier points in one’s account would be removed if that person did not commit any traffic violation during one
year from the time his licence was revoked.

The penalty for using mobile phones while driving has been enhanced. The violator will have to pay a minimum fine of QR3,000 and a maximum fine of QR10,000. He is also liable for imprisonment up to one year.
Motorists who commit violations like driving with no authorised licence, driving under the influence of liquor, driving in the opposite direction of traffic flow, escaping from the accident site, causing sound and air pollution and exceeding the speed limit would be punishable by imprisonment from one month to three years or fined QR10,000 to 50,000 or both.

According to the new law, the punishment for the following offences are also the same as mentioned above: Not wearing seat belts, allowing children below 10 years sit in the front passenger seat, not giving way to official motorcades and the vehicles of the police, civil defence and ambulances, not leaving enough space between two vehicles and motorcyclists allowing another passenger sit behind them (pillion riding).

The law stipulates that the driver and the front seat passenger should wear seat belts all the time.

According to article 104, insurance companies refusing third party insurance would be punishable by a fine of QR10,000.
Article 66 of the new law says that in the event of an accident, the involved motorists should immediately call the police and render assistance to the injured. The motorists should not move their vehicles from the spot until the policeman arrived.
If there are no major injuries to the passengers or damage to the vehicles, the involved parties may move the vehicles to a nearby spot so that traffic flow is not affected.
Cyclists should keep to the right side of the road and should ride in one line. Motorcyclists are not allowed to ride on one wheel. Both should wear helmets.
Prior permissions should be sought before holding any type of races on the roads, the law said.
A national committee for traffic safety will be formed at the Interior Ministry with the aim of drafting the general policy concerning traffic rules, the decree said.

Violators of traffic rules will be given negative points as follows:
Jumping the red light 7
Driving in the opposite direction 6
Driving under the influence of alcohol 6
Exceeding the maximum speed 4
Driving recklessly and dangerously 4
Driving with defective brakes 4
Driving with inappropriate licence 3
Driving with stripped or invalid licence 3
Violating norms of public morality 3
Driving an unregistered vehicle 3
Driving a vehicle without number plates 3
Unauthorised changes made to number plates 3
Providing wrong information to pass the technical inspection 3
Using the vehicle for the wrong purpose 3
Blocking the flow of traffic intentionally 3
Driving a vehicle without a proper silencer 3
Driving a polluting vehicle 3
Driving a vehicle that leaks any material that can damage the road 3
Driving a vehicle which drops loads which can endanger the public safety 3
Driving on the embankment 3
Making a wrong U-turn 3
Changing a vital part of the vehicle without a written permission from the authorities 3
Giving the licence to someone who has no licence 2
Driving a vehicle with unclear number plates 2
Driving with only one number plate, or changing their shape or detail 1
Refraining from giving driving licence to traffic police 1
Trucks violating the load conditions 1
Trucks violating the width, length, or weight regulations of the vehicle 1
Driving a technically unsafe vehicle 1
Using lights, horns, microphones, or other machines against the law 1
Disobeying traffic signs 1


We'll see how the law will be enforce. It would be the same with 'no smoking law' in the public places :P

I'm mostly amused by their effectiveness in Hazing the other cultures and not their own kind.

For which are most responsible violators in the road.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

And last but not least. Will they convert the pending fines into points?

This law is already full of contradictions and open to interpretations. For example

Driving technically unsafe vehicle - 1 point

Driving with defective brakes - 4 points

Driving polluting vehicle - 3 points

But, polluting vehicle with defective brakes is already a technically unsafe vehicle... are the points to be combined?

Violating norms of public morality - 3 points

What is it? If I am drinking a coke inside my car during Ramadan, can I get points for that?

And this one takes the cake:

Giving the license to someone who has no license - 2 points

What the hell does that mean? The person who has no license will not become licensed by the fact that other person's license is in his pocket.

Well the idea seems good and definitely in the right direction. But I wonder if they have enough radars in place? There are so many signals that are devoid of radars. For instance the Toyota Tower Junction does not have a radar in any direction to catch people jumping red light! So there you save 7 points on a red light offence.

Do they have sufficient police officers to keep a tab on drivers on roads? From what I've been seeing they do not have enough guys to handle traffic at roundabouts during peak hours.

Most importantly, how long would it take for the cops themselves to mug up all these rules? Am quite sure of finding someone arguing with the officer over how many points should this offence be given. LOL


1300 QL Points!!!

Yay! Way to go Ray!


What is an inappropriate license. A license with inappropriate picture?

I wonder If the local cops are memorizing this information.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

Better yet, Could they count to 10 points?

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

Well atleast they have made a all they have to do is to install more cameras...and have ppl pulled over for speeding and all...i have never seen a single local put on his freakin seat there u go...imagine land cruisers, lamborghinis, ferraris, porsches all driving at 80 kms an hr - 120 kmph Gods Must Be Crazy!!!!


" Live Life To The Fullest ! Enjoy Yourself "


Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

I recently got my picture taken by the speeding radar for doing 110 km/hr in an 80km/hr zone on the salwa road at 2:00 am.

Thank you

Za mara khara

you could have gone to a studio and have taken colourful pics at cheap rate that those black and white even not clear.


always getting fine for parking never speed :D


Boy behave! Please think of others before putting forth a suggestion. I am on double points than you.

Can you imagine fines that people like Han19, Gypsy, Darude and I would get for acquiring so many points?? We will never ever again be allowed to obtain license in any other country, let alone Qatar.

I'll suggest something better. QL points get deducted from Traffic points. :) That way you would have more people posting QL and yet keep comitting traffic offences!

Am sure Qatari could work out some deal with those guys.


1300 QL Points!!!

Yay! Way to go Ray!


Since when - anywhere else that is - is it illegal to carry a pillion on a motorcycle? That is why it is called pillion, that is why there is such a big seat!!

I agree with rayyz - how long before the police clock up their own violations?

I have an attitude and I know how to use it!

Now law abiding people like me have no trafic jams on the road, no worry about errent drivers etc. etc. although I have to be very carefull about the speed limit(:

Any point system for parking offences?????????????????

What will happen my wife the car registered under my name and jumped red light and later say I didn't and it was you. How to prove it was her? How can I keep track of the movement for say 3-6 months. (The time the offence is known to you)

When its going to be implemented, or its effective from today ownwards????Any info?

Here people are making comments about how locals will be fined and what is the effect on them about this new law, stop this and think about ourselves and try to implement within us, think if that huge fine is imposed on us what will happen and we came here to earn money, so implement the safe driving methods and follow the rules, forget about the others and what happenes to them and this, have safe driving and avoid fines and keep your pocket healthy

Yeah thats exactly reason why I raised a point over having sufficient police officers on road.

I believe the points system would work by handing out tickets to the drivers by stopping the car and issuing points against their licenses. However, like you said, this won't work if the car is caught under radar.


1300 QL Points!!!

Yay! Way to go Ray!


The worst offenders on the roads are subcontinent drivers. Since their wages are low the improvement on the roads will be visible very soon. I always wondered how a young boy, from a country where they drive on the opposite side of the road, gets a license to drive an industrial truck or a bus full of people. Do they convert donkey driving licenses for patans in Qatar?

You could add Red_Pope to the black list.

I got three speeding tickets this year, In Salwa and Industrial road always against someone from Qatar and their Land-cruiser.

About 3 am.

No excuse for it.

One of them is hanging in the wall. Fully frame for funniest picture in town.

It has my Middle finger extended profoundly.

It cost me 300.00 QR.

I was going 179 K instead of 100k.

Even the Popes have their own dare devil adventures.

That is why I like so muscle cars.

I'm going to do more

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..


Make your statement proper, not all the subcontinent people are the same means reckless driviers, there are i can give u n number of examples for your region drivers also, u may find reckless driving in your region also, so before making any statement think yourself, just dont pass on the statemen casually,

are these rules applicable to the locals ?

Why don't you resign from your job and become a truck driver. We’ll surely have at least one “apparently” safe driver who now knows all the penalty points. Wonderfull.

Do Not Generalize.

Well said

I like that, I want to see Terramax as truck driver, so that i can drive safely

I don't see a possibility of officers standing on the road to catch offenders under this scorching sun. not practical. I don't know how the radar works here but you can see pictures of the driver and the front passenger from a picuture taken by a radar in other countries.

Terramax statement should be read as "the majority of drivers from the sub-continent". If it is thw case I am 100% agree with that.

Then you'd expect the Traffic Dept. to know their license numbers from a face?

Quite confusing! LOL


1300 QL Points!!!

Yay! Way to go Ray!


I have nothing against neither truck drivers nor driving trucks, whatever work is good as long as it is done honestly and professionally. Actually lots of asian (philippino, indonesian - I judge by appearance, not that I know where they are from) are very good and professional.


In that case i may also agree with that,

Terramax statement should be read as "the majority of drivers from the sub-continent". If it is thw case I am 100% agree with that.

Yes sure, there are notable exceptions, but the exceptions are there only to stress the rule :)


Could you read this lines?

With an angry Indus truck driver accent?

Why don't you resign from your job and become a truck driver. We’ll surely have at least one “apparently” safe driver who now knows all the penalty points. Wonderfull.

Do Not Generalize.

Make your statement proper, not all the subcontinent people are the same means reckless driviers, there are i can give u n number of examples for your region drivers also, u may find reckless driving in your region also, so before making any statement think yourself, just dont pass on the statemen casually,

Well said

I like that, I want to see Terramax as truck driver, so that i can drive safely

Advise from DUMB DUMB...

Hey Dumb, Dumb: No chewing gum from the sub-continent?

Hey dumb dumb: You better run the sub-continent crowd is coming!

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

The photo shows clearly the entire front of the car and the licence plate no and in that the passenger and the driver are clearly visible.

-->for the expats to slow down & stop AND let the locals to passed & drive fast:)) (joke!)

I just know that this law will affect expats only – especially the not so well to do expats – taxi drivers etc. Sometimes you do get fines out of a genuine mistake. These fines would easily be the highest in the world and even though I, personally, will follow the law I still know that there are people who totally disregard the fines/penalty points in place and will still drive the way they are currently driving.

There was already a law for tailgating a car – do you think a fine and penalty points will stop Mr. Landcruiser from doing that :-) I learnt tailgating from Qatar.

I feel there need to be scapegoats for errant drivers and these need to be published in the newspapers to spread awareness. Very limited drivers are aware of all the fines etc.

Terramax i know the point you are driving at and i personally feel the same of my fellow country man driving his company's Van with utter disregard for anything in the road or rules but your statement also put me in that category. I don't have any issues with truck drivers as they always stick to the right side of the road but these Van's and mini pick up trucks do drive me insane and they should be booked.

Nayeem_pasha. Almost all truck and bus drivers in Qatar are from subcontinent (see, I don't even say indians, nepalese, bangladeshi etc.). Alnd most of them are young, inexperienced and are dangerous on the road. They drive as if it is Mumbai here.

As well as patans with ludicrous beards painted by henna in dirty pyjamas, who ride the bicycle in the middle of the road without paying attention to anyone. I really want to see them out of traffic and wearing helmets, as required by the new law.

Your nation forms a majority on the street, so I don't generalize, you guys have generalized yourselves.

Which doesn't mean as I said that there are no excellent drivers from your countries, and some of them I know and highly esteem. But unfortunately they are not the majority.


I'll leave truck driving to my next incarnation. I love these guys so much that probably will be reincarnated as one... ;)

Yes terramax, i too agree that majority of expatriates here in Qatar are from Subcontinent, and they do drive recklessely, and young and inexperienced,

They need to learn proper and disciplined driving, they do not follow line system, suddenly they change the lane at their own will and wish as they do in India,

I agree with u,

but as u said there are good drivers are also there,

any way shall we stop arguing at this point please

Flash news everyone!

1-By law is required to all new drivers to learn the point systems by memory.

2-You must pass all questions with the right answers other wise you won't get your license.

3-Yo will get an extra credit:

If you wear your SEAT BELT!

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

As per the subject :-)....the laws will always be there...the fines/penalties will keep increasing and there still be drivers who care pot about them..

Have a great day...

nayeem_pasha - sure we agree on the same point. What I originally said is that this law will definitely discipline them, since their wages are low and the fines are high, and they won't be able to afford to lose the license. And I find it good.

The law will discipline me as well :) By the way, who knows if they sell in Qatar bluetooth mirror speakers like this one?

At QAR 3000 minimum fine, I can't afford to take phone calls while driving anymore ...

Check in the shopping center Megamart, I hope I got their name right. The one close to Costa Cafe back off the Ramada. The LG store has it. I saw one yesterday.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

I have already installed a car kit to answer and talk while driving (Cost QR 400). I think this is legal.

Charan How does it work, Please elaborate

Thanks Red_POPE! I hope they are not sold out by now... will check it out in an hour.

Terramax: look at that landcruiser, see how bad is he driving and tailgating

Terramax (crosses the landcruiser and looks inside: the guy driving the landcruiser is wearing thob

Terramax: he changed his appearance, to fool me, he has to be some illiterate from subcontinet. only they drive like that

Terramax: idiot, dumbhead hindi/paki

(with Apologies to everyone from subcontinet)

Terramax ever heard about racism?

It's work through blue tooth. There is a hidden microphone for you to talk and hidden speaker to listen to what the other party says.

There are motorola and nokia bluetooth handsfree sets on the market (they carry them in Carrefour), but they plug into the lighter, so you lose the contact.

No carkit does not plug in to the lighter. It is independent and connects directly to the fuse board. it is not visible at all except the tiny microphone over the drivers head.

Don't go to Carrefour. go to the car kit specialist at Al Diwan St. Supply and install QR 400-450 (nokia).

Where in Doha is Al Diwan Street? Whats the shop name again?


1300 QL Points!!!

Yay! Way to go Ray!


Al Diwan st is one connects cornice to Qtel (Karrabah st.) if you are coming from kharrabah st. trafic light to cornice turn right at the 1st R/A then right again at the T junction then right again at the 1st lane. shop is at the the left side two shops beforet the end which connect to Al Diwan St. again. Forgot the name of the shop ask any shop around that area about the car phone kit shop they will direct you there for sure.

Why can't you say its opposite Sterling or bang below Indian Airlines office or right next to Mat'aam Beirut!! Duh!

Got it... thanks!


1300 QL Points!!!

Yay! Way to go Ray!


You are Right. forgot forgot

Was it you who mentioned of a guy called Sheran in relation to a printing press inquiry or something?

I think I know that Sheran. ;) A very good friend of mine.


1300 QL Points!!!

Yay! Way to go Ray!


No it was not me. Ironically I bought my second car kit from a QL member for QR 250 (brand new unpacked). he advertsed it here and I swap the deal in 2 hours

Frankly part of the appeal of Qatar was that it was like Australia or South Africa twenty years ago with with a more relaxed and less rules based society and a bit more personal responsibilty.

Now some dumb expat import has brought the rules and points system from some sophisticated country that really just raise revenue and and make it miserable for the poor and no change for rich expatriates or Qatari with wasta.

They would be better investing quality driver training (the current system is funny as I watched a Indian insructor taking his 6 charges down a side road detour to overtake traffic and then umped a red light!), and give the Qatari boys race track cr handling traning.

Lanfere, Doha

ooo ooo

Pclowen, if Qatar loses ... hem ... appeal ... it is not because of the new traffic law!

I have spent the last 12 years in the UAE and I am moving to Doha next week for a new job.

This thread is of course very interesting to me.

I have a couple of questions which will help me to compare the situation vis-a-vis Dubai.

1) Are the street traffic poilice local Qataris or are they expatriate Yemeni and Iranians as they are in Dubai?

2) Are the speed and stop light cameras mounted so as to take the photos from behind the car or do they take frontal pictures only.

If the police there are anything like the police here, I know that I will be OK. The police here are very helpful, polite and even friendly. How bout there?

Probably SOMEONE failed miserable the Written/ROAD test and has a personal frustration about obtaining his license.

The problem he can't memorize the point system and FORGETS to Wear HIS SEATBELT!

Of course these tests were conducted riding a tricycle cart (Driver) with a wagon being towed with his Inspector in the back.

So much for Super boy!!!

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

Only Love & Respect of Others Make us Human.



5:21 PM


Location: AL SOUDAN-AL AZIZIYA-AL MURRA Salwa Road 300 Q.R

Can someone tell me how can I get the picture and which location exactly is this and what is the spead limit?

My memory says I was standing at Saudi boarder at this time, but want to see the picture before I pay.


Please note that you (the driver) must have committed this traffic violation earlier.

The issue is that the online system on the MOI is updated very late. May be as late as 3-4 months from where the actual ticket should have been issued ( as of the date the violation was committed).

I have the same situation now. I have a ticket registered online for Feb 2007. I was in my home country for 2 weeks!!. But in fact the traffic officer gave me my ticket back in Nov 2006!!!.

Surprisingly enough, I had my car annual check up and license renewal after the ticket was issued. I had someone go clear my stained record (first time in my whole life to get a traffic ticket) by paying the 500 QR ticket. They said no violation of traffic is recorded. No payment will be accepted

I jumped and hopped all around, happy for not paying the ticket, but then again, it was registered 3 months latter:(. Now I have to pay it with my next license renewal, because it is officially online.

You might have not known about your violation because the radar captured you/driver speeding. In my situation the officer stopped me, and kindly gave me my TICKET!!

(it was not my fault, the construction made me so confused as to where I should drive. So I made a U-Turn where I shouldn’t. There was no sign prohibiting u-turn!, now I have a record, me the good citizen!)

This is good in theory but we all know it will not affect the locals.

At least the government is acknowledging that there is a problem. I applaud the fact that they are trying to implement child safety measures. It kills me when I see all the little ones jumping around in the cars with no child car seats.

lyf lyf

...not stopping at the zebra crossings? It seemed that nobody ever does, local or not! They just whizz pass you expecting the pedestrians to stop for the vehicles to pass. Sometimes I wish they would crash! Oops!

if they enforce the law properly ... the revenue defenitely will pass the oil revenue :P Yes ... i was being sarcastic :-(

ooo ooo

Novita – I think you were being realistic :D

I hope you didn't forget to pose...ha...ha...ha...

this new system wil work...

Hypothetically I own a car(as do most people in Doha), however, I have a driver who drives me from point A - point B (as do most families in Doha). The driver is the one getting the tickets on a car registered in my name.

Now with most of the ticketing being done via speed camera, who will be responsible for the tickets, and whose lisence will be suspended if I don't have a lisence to suspend, only a car registered in my name.

Only Love & Respect of Others Make us Human.


Thanks Happy Happy for your message; however my case is a bit different. This ticket is given against a car which was only 3 days old on the road :-)

Xena is raising an interesting point. I am going to hire a driver every six month to one year and register all our cars under his name :-)

In Qatar how do i handle my kid inside my car within the traffic laws. i only know that i should not sit kids in the front sit. What about the car kit? Is it necessary that i have a car kit? My boy is only 4 months old? What options do i have?

When i sit my kid behind, should i use the seat belt?

All in all, the safety of my kid is beyond all laws. But just to be observant of the traffic laws and save the least i cash in for home.


You have a four month old, please tell me you have a rear facing infant car seat! NO seatbelt on a baby!!

Hey, I want to know, are the above regulations applicable to the nationals here?

The law abiding poor people like me have seen so many times, the local nationals violating the traffic law even infront of patrol officers, but no catchup...

Considering the conditions of the car is in after 15 years of service.

Probably is being push by a pair of camels!!!

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

This new law does not go far enough regarding seat belts.

It should be law that everyone in the car/vehicle regardless of location in the front or back should be wearing a seat belt.

All kids should be in a suitable car seat for their weight and height, and yes there are different ones!

In the last few years the UK has brought out a new law in which children below a certain height have to use a booster seat which is placed on the existing car seat so the seat belt will not crush them in an accident. Qatar needs to adopt this too.

It makes me so angry when I see children jumping around in the car front back and in the trunk. In an accident they have NO chance! This is just simply neglect and a form of child abuse in my eyes, and those responsible should be punished for that. Children need to be protected even if their parents don't care.

For the amount of population in the country Qatar has one of the worst tally of road deaths and serious road accident injuries per population. They are figures that are disgusting for such a small population!

It is about time the laws are enforced regardless of nationality, importance or status!

Alicat, I couldn't agree more. The other day I saw something on Discovery called accident investigators. Case was two adults and a child, all not latched by seatbelts. Baby was two months old, he was thrown several feet from the car when it was hit on the side by an SUV. They all died.

Then the program when on to show that an accident, even at 'parking lot' speed level is akin to your child falling from the 2 floor of the building. It's not the speed at which kills the child, it's the sudden stop that does. Massive internal bleeding, broken bones are just to name a few causes of death.

Children are particularly susceptible as there brains slam onto the wall of their cranium when a crash occurs.

Ok now I do realise that all of this is quite graphic. But maybe then, all those people out there that don't think it's important to strap their child in; will finally realise how critical it really is!

"Life is life - whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage." ~Sri Aurobindo

It doesn't seem like any of these new laws are being implemented.

Today in particular was a site to behold on C-ring. Drivers were even more arrogant than usual. On their phones, swerving, cutting in, running red lights, not using indicators, speeding...... The works!!!

What gives?!!!!!

"Life is life - whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage." ~Sri Aurobindo

QHell - Al Soudan-al Aziziya is the street between Al-Waab and Salwa road (two blocks to the center from the Khalifa Stadium) There is a roundabout where local boys drive their Landcruisers on two wheels.


I want to ask you that yesterday night, I gone to main road, and I do not have license.At parking, my car touched the wall, and the back right door gone inside, I mean an accident with wall.SO, please tell me that how can I repair it?.I donot have the driving license, but I have my driving test next week, and my father will come after two weeks.PLEASE TELL ME how coulg I REPAIR the door?

The Point System does not's been proved useless in Dubai. shouldn't have been driving. Personally I think

you deserve the hiding that you will get from your dad when he returns. Let it be a lesson. It takes time to learn how to drive properly. Just because you 'think' you'll pass the driving test, doesn't mean you've suddenly become Alonso, or Schumacher.

Crispin.......I think you're right. It won't work, but not because the system is bad (it works in Europe after all) it's because here the offenders will just pull strings and get out of trouble. So the only people off the roads will actually be the expats, unless the police force here actually enforce it on EVERYBODY; the way it's supposed to be done.

"Life is life - whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage." ~Sri Aurobindo

here ppl like to turn without indicating...very frust...

Point system will work efficiently if it is implimented 100%. Proven success in SINGAPORE.

How come the people who are always tailgating me in their 4x4s, flashing lights (while i'm already at the max speed limit of the road) bear with these fines if they are imposed?

I really hope that some of you can drive in Shanghai or in Thailand and then you'll see what crazy driving is :P

Anyway, to answer someone's question,

yes you are supposed to stop at Zebra crossings, however many drivers don't (because they're A$s holes). I ALWAYS stop.

Once I stopped and this Indian guy honked at me. (Me being the ever so patient person, stepped out of my car to have a 'friendly' chat).

Anyway, point is. Just because someone does something bad or is inconsiderate, it doesn't mean you should do the same.

Someone asked about the necessity of a car kit.

It's simple. If you're going to talk on the phone, use a car kit or loudspeaker, if you get caught using the phone while driving, you'll wallet will regret it.


I Love Qatar -

Does anyone know what the rule is in intersections without signs/lights? Is there are rule? Do you give way to the right (as in most countries in Europe)?

I have a question.

So if u cross a red light, the radar should give a bright flash, right ?

Cause this morning while I was crossing the traffic light, it turned yellow but I couldn't stop cause I was already in the middle of the intersection. And I didn't see any flashes behind me, so I'm safe, right ?

I don't know about here, but in UK if you have crossed on green, or just as it changes to amber, you are ok. More dangerous to slam the breaks on in that situation lol

If you are already in the middle of the interchange you may have passed ok, however, if it turned orange why didn't you stop

How can I stop when I'm already in the middle of the intersection ? As jauntie said, it would've been way more dangerous.

I have driven in Thailand and they are not so crazy drivers like here.


I quickly glanced through this post, but noticed that no one posted anything yet regarding the revised law:

"After minor accidents with no injuries, drivers must move their vehicles to the side of the road."

Please see the article below. New law has been introduced but not communicated properly.

Awareness drive about new traffic law needed


"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."

  --  Albert Einstein

Yes we are and for your information the locals are obeying the laws such as others. There will always be people that disregard laws, local or not. I suggests you put your brain to better use, because you are not as superior as you think. Thanks to this countries generosity you are being payed well.

This country has made great progress and continues to do so.

These laws affect the locals as well. No matter who they are and what title they have. I have many friends that have gotten fined. I believe you all should stop concentrating on the locals and focus on yourselves. Qatar is not what it used to be years ago. Yet some people simply like to hold on to that mentality and make excuses.

this is unhuman, too much for expats like us....

Applicable to Locals?? i dont think so... So, what Police will gonna do?? only standing in R/A? Why they didnt inspect some cars here & the the driver was in a minor age? & they are the one whose crazy in driving in the road..

I just wish it wasn't applicable to us... It would be much easier :)

How many times do you see the violation of these road rules, people on mobile phones, kids not secured by seatbelts when mum and dad are, drivers and passengers not wearing seatbelts, speeding etc etc etc. There is no wonder that people crash, get injured or even die on Qatar roads. What are the police doing?-------NOTHING. I would love to spend a day in a patrol car just to see what they do. I would suspect I would be very bored and full to the brim with coffee.

Hey, just got back from souq waqif and got a ticket of 300 QAR for parking in the sidewalk inside the parking!!!!

Is this for real or what?

You can't really say what is beautiful about a place, but the image of the place will remain vividly with you.

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hi there guys. just want to ask whats

the penalty when the police caught you driving without license?

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