NHA-Prometric Licensing Exam for Nurses

can anyone tell me what material to study on for the exam at prometric for nurses to take nha license? got feedback that the exam is tough, so pls help me and if you have some ideas on how the exam is... Thanks!


hi will take the exam too.. don't have any idea..did you take the exam already?

Nclex books help.. i heard

how much did you pay? kasi I paid 200 dollars

will take the exam too...when are you guys taking it?

august 31..?any idea? did you apply also in qatar?

kabayan po...ill be taking it on the 31st...=) i applied here..what time is your sched??

haha!sa ateneo ka din? I chose after lunch, 1pm. ikaw?

early am sis..around 8...ateneo?are u taking it in the phil? ill be taking here in qatar..=)

a ok..goodluck to both of us..see you then in qatar..=)


whaattt? no it's not..I'm sure you will pass..it has written in your receipt that you will need to bring one valid ID right? plus the confirmation paper. no need to wear formal dresses..any shirt will do

hi fnurse, did u took the prometric exam already? im here also in qatar but i dont know where to begin my review.. hehe.. can u give me some tips.. tnx

salamat po sa reply po... ill be taking the exam tomorow na sept 22...8:30 am... hope to pass.. may sample questions ako pro 50 items lng.. pinagpractisan ko ng sagot..hehehe... tnx maam cristine516...

goodluck then...see you in qatar..

i passed! tnx po sa advice maam hehe.. d2 n po ako qatar.. hehehe.. sa Al nasser bnda ^_^ kau po?

It is not much tough.i passed with ease. We should be thorough with the practical side instead of theory.They examine whether the candidate is eligible and able to handle the patients! The luck too will be a crucial factor.. best of luck.

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hi guys...Im also planning to take up the prometric exam dis dec....somebody help me to give the idea what is the scope of the exam.and some questions for me to review plss..thnx..thnx

hi fnurse...i'm also planning to take up the prometric exam..had u take the exam already..can u give me pointers to review about the qeustions and scope of exam..thnx..


how long will prometric exams give result..?help to those who have taken..

hi po!!

pwd makahingi ng pointers ng exam?? m planning to take kc dis coming april.. help! thank you!!!!!!:) Godblessu

Hi Po! pwede mag ask kung papaano ka nag apply for prometric exam.. na guluhan kasi ako sa process eh.thanks po. at goodluck sa exam mu this april.

hello po..

ask ko lang po kung ano ung reqts sa pag apply ng prometric exam..i'm here na in qatar pero wala ako mapagtanungan about sa prometric or nha nila dito..looking forward for your reply/comments here..thanks mga kabayan..God Bless =)

hello..i just want to ask po..what are the reqts para maka exam ng prometric..talaga bang 2yrs clinical experience po?share naman sis kung pano..thanks so much..God Bless

hello..advise naman kabayan pano mag apply ng prometric exam and tips ng mga topics..thanks much God Bless..i'm here in qatar too looking forward for your reply..thanks =)

advice nmn po. If it's better to take the exam before going there in qatar? kc im planning to go there in qatar and apply as a nurse.. thanks..

hi guys tanong lng po ako if pano ung process ng exam medyo nguguluhanpo ako,,im planning to take the exam this august,and  san po pwedeng makahanap ng pointers or mga sample question thnks so much lookung forward for ur reply thnks again godbless...

hi guys ask ko lang if ever mapasa ko un prometrics exam does it expires?? gaya ng sa ielts? tnx!

Hi po. I am planning to take the exam in qatar. how much did u pay po? 70 items compared too 500 I took before. is it hard?

elo everyone .. ^^

i have a scheduled prometric exam this coming 26th of april. jst wanna ask if the exam takes 70 or 75 items? and the passing score is 50%?

Thanks! ^^

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