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Guys - It's official, I'm going blind (and not for the reasons the priest told me).

Where/how do I get my eyes tested for glasses here? Do I just walk into one of the opticians? What does it cost, who's good (and who's not)? Does my health card cover any of it...? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


you should never have watched from what the priest warned you :D

hmm Al Jabor Opticians are good Kahraba Street. check there.


where u work and this will depend on your medical coverage. go to good clinic around and see doctor immediately. use ur own money if ur company health care doesn't help. why wait ur company help when its comes to vital organ u should make it ur priority. surely u dont want to go blind are you????

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Mila calm down. The guy is not really going blind! It's just an expression to say he needs to wear glasses now....

grantley ... provided you buy the glasses from the same shop, the eye test is free. My husband used the optician in Lulu Hypermarket.

Good luck.

But novita - that's kind of my worry. I don't want to get told I need them, and spending $$$, if I don't have to. But I guess I have to..

DaRuDe - I read many of your posts, always helpful, always funny mate - thanks

Mila & Piet - spot on. Thanks for your concern tho'

grantley, really i dont want anybody get blind. is such a lost and tragic. So if we can prevented why not we do it.

I am with you all the way when it comes to wearing glasses. I have short-sight, and its piss me off so much when in the mall i could not see the big sales sign (LOL....) but to wear the glasses all the time is more pissing me off. and the idea of putting in some soft lenses is more petrified me. so I just use it when i am driving and watching movie in cinema. otherwise many of my friends or people who knows me think i am snobby did not see them waving from distance. hihihihi...

i am blind people too

Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

why dont you go for a lasik treatment

Magrabi eyes test centre supposed to be good for lasik. Have heard good report from some girlfriends who did it. But i am too scared :-(

look at today's Gulf Time supplement on "Health Care in Qatar". It has every thing you need to know.

Magrabi's full page advert on the last page.

hi--i just recently went to see an opthamologist at Al Jabor vision on c-ring between najma and muntazah lights. Dr. Amani--VERY good. they do lasik. the optician is a German guy--my brother and several other people recommend him--he is on the ground floor. Prices? are glasses any where cheap these days? As to your insurance, mine covers glasses after a deductible but everybody's insurance is different. (I did notice they had a big selection of frames). hope this helps:)

I love reading your posts. You always make me smile.

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Swing, do you know how much the lasik in your doctor??? I am thinking to get one. Its getting worst my blindness. thanks in advance.

and Richard123, I am glad I can bring a smile to your face. Hope is positive side of smile. hihihi

you been here long enough where have u been? not active recently???

Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

yooooooooooooou flirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt :P


Well you can go to any of the shops that you would like to purchase your glasses from and they will test your eyes for free. Regarding the lasik it depends on the place and the doctor. Most of the people will go either to Bahrain or Egypt to do it ...

My sister got that in Bahrain for 5200 in the army hospital while it costs in other places 5800 ...

In Egypt it will cost something between 2500 and 4000.

Best Regards


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I had Lazik done 7 years ago..loved the results..BUT..please, do a LOT of research on who will be the best as eyes are not something you want to have someone mess up. Also, you have to have been stable in presecription at least a year, NO changes in vision at all..and there is always a chance of the surgery reverting back to what it was before surgery(minus astigmatism).

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I just went to the OD at Pearle Optical in Villagio Mall and I was very satisfied. The exam was thorogh, the staff polite and I don't have any problems with the prescription. I bought contacts and glasses.

I'm looking for the Al Jabor Vision Technology, somewhere on C-Ring Road. Any clue where exactly it is ?

Thank you,

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