Pisq teachers or prisoners?

Im posting this hoping that someone whos kind hearted will take up and follow up this issue because if we complain to school authority,it will be followed with termination and deportation...The management treating the teachers as slaves, no respect not enough salary comparing to other school..The issue now is they are keeping us locked inside accomodation after 8:30 pm.We are like just prisoners,only 1 person having the key of the main door,all exit are closed with metal grills,there is no fire exit and no fire extinguisher.What if in case there is a fire,all 30 teachers will be burned...Im sending a copy to Human rights Department..Im adding here the picture of the lock,really dont know if someone is going to help the teachers of PHILIPPINE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL QATAR.Please help them


OMG! That is Sooooo wrong! Phone the police, Labour department and the press!!!!

are they mad? wats wrong with the management?

Hard to believe...

Fire hazard...

is this for real? will verify with my daughter's teacher.

what to do?

Really? I use to went to that school for my cousin.. Never thought that teachers are treated that way..

zzzz.... sum1 must complain!!!!!

In the industrial area?

OK, Sod this, I've just sent a note to the editors of the Penninsula and Gulf Times - let's see if it makes the news in the next couple of days :o)

this is serious accusations... and also very dangerous...... i hope its not for real....

this is totally unfair for them.... pity those teachers

Have u tried to file a formal complaint to PISQ Management?? Maybe Phil embassy can do something if the PISQ management is not doing anything.

It cannot be that School as the door is old and chipped

well done baldrick...

Ooh...Is it not for your own security??

now tell us this: where is the location of that accomodation?

If not change their accomodation is located somewhere in LUQTA,near Qatar Foundation R/A or Madina Dental? forgot the exact location.

the one who posted this is not replying...i hope this is not a hoax.

@ MJ u can ask ur daughter's teacher to confirm this... tsk tsk

Another accomodation is near Indian School @ Shabiat Khalifa.

Well done Balders...

Does the person having the key also live in the compound ?

one more question:

when did this start?

And why?

who's the one person having the only key? is he/she staying in the prison err accomodation as well?

Call Civil Defence!


General Directorate of Civil Defense

Phone :4895191 Fax :4327734

E-mail : civildefence@moi.gov.qa

Operations Department

Phone : 4895255 Fax : 4365240

E-mail : cddop@moi.gov.qa

Prevention Department

Phone :4879399 Fax : 4876701

E-mail : cddop@moi.gov.qa

Qatar Civil Defence operates NFPA (US) codes now for Fire Fighting System

of lying.... is that lock on the inside or outside? Did you stick your camera through the door to the outside to take the pics?

If its locked from the inside it means the key inside the building...

lamborjeepney, that crossed my mind....

all my kids are in PISQ since ages.

lamborjeepney, my daughter goes to this school as well.. that is why I find it hard to believe....

I also am not sure what to believe... and please forgive me for saying this... but what you see at school isn't always so...

Have you ever been to the actual premises of the staff? Is it possible that this is happening?

You might know the teachers well, but its an embarrassing situation and you know how bullying happens here... they might be to terrified to talk about it...

Please, can you investigate these claims further... if unfounded, then great, although it wasn't very nice of this poster to insinuate what they have... but what if its true? And your childrens teachers lives are in danger in their homes/roooms at night?

Xena, that is why we're asking questions,.. to get to the truth...

and it was not as being pictured by the poster.

lamborjeepney, do you know if all the teachers stay in company accomodation, or there are some who live out?

I remember chatting with a few Filippinas that worked for a coffee shop here and they were locked in their villa at night with a Nepali "guard" living in the maid's quarters. He had complete free access to the house in the evenings. In fact, he kept the key and locked them in, but also showed up in their private quarters with no warning and no reason.

MJ.... :-) Hope these are unfounded allegations... but it will be aweful it they aren't:-(

Detective Xena...good observation.....

the poster says one amnong them have the key...or something like that.

Why don't all the teachers put the principal under house arrest?

I can bring a hack saw. Tell me where you are trapped? I will come and set you free.

i'm with you edifis, now to the batmobile!

Dracula has the batmobile. Lets make the raid tonight!

I'll translate what ako_pinoy said in tagalog:

I have a question to the one who posted this topic

Are you one of the teachers concerned? how come you know about this matter? or maybe you are just bluffing around.

doesn't say if the person lives on the premises or not...

'only 1 person having the key of the main door,all exit are closed with metal grills,'

If its locked from the inside, I would think they must...

This is taken from my days back in SA where security gates and bars on the windows are on every single house you go to and yes, they will be locked from the inside unless its a keylock on the actual gate and not a padlock... Those padlocks are a pain to unlock from the outside, trying to hold and manouver them...and if you look at the one on that gate, its got a solid metal slab across that portion of the lock.... so it will be really difficult to open from the outside and you cannot see what you are doing...

authorities for that? If you are serious about this, why not call the attention of your school head first, if that doesn't work go to the higher person with authority. I know it takes a lot of courage from you to post this in QL, but, QLers can only comment, there must be somebody from the SEC , embassy, or Baladiya that can check your status as far as safety is concern.

baldy/Drac.. you guys rock.. hope the authorities shed some light to the idiot management's brains

then how can be a student hve free mind

These people in the Gulf know nothing but oppression.

If you receive fair treatment and justice then good for you but don't count on it..

One can hope of course.

Any more news on this? A reporter from Gulf Times phoned me last night but I couldn't actually tell him anything and advised he contact the OP.

Maybe before you go to these editors you must also take the other side,the PISQ management.... This post is incomplete, why she did not tell the reason of that mandatory action..... She's creating a bad image for the school on which thousands of children will be affected and suffered.....

they will go to the school and ask questions. You surely don't want those thousands of children to be taught by prisoners if the story is true, do you?

I don't want to take any sides but "Mandatory Action"

jewel have they hired murderers, is that why it's "Mandatory" to keep them under lock and key???

would try to justify "mandatory action" of imprisonment and not be interested in knowing the whole story so that if true, the culprits can be punished.

and someone accused the headmaster of imprisoning the teachers would you be interested in rooting out the truth to help out your fellow americans who are teaching there, or would you be more concerned about the reputation of your child's school and want to hush it up?

I won't give a shyte about the school's reputation mate, truth needs to come out. These are some serious allegations.

Me too. I thank God for values like this. It shocks me to see how many people lose their values after being in qatar for awhile :(

and greed they see around them? It's like they get a chance to get ahead and they don't care if it's on the backs of their own citizens. :(

The poster did not reply back..has the malicious intent to degrade PISQ management.

nicaq, the link that you posted won't open... Am I the only one experiencing this...

I have tried to open many times now, even if I don't use your link, it still won't open...

School said ill-treating teachers


the locking was reached thru a meeting held by majority (except for three people who were absent during the meeting).

Anyway, the key should be kept in a place easily available to all inside the unit and an in-charge will be called upon if someone is coming from outside.

works fine for beta version.

Yah flor - I forgot to notice that, sorry:(

I managed to read a portion of the article before my browser closed, it says:

"Some teachers are claiming to be victims of the management's high-handedness say the main entrance to their lodgings is locked at 8:30 every evening and a school official keeps the keys with him.

"We therefore cannot venture out of our accomodation after 8:30 pm even if there is a personal emergency," said a teacher, adding that for fear of losing their jobs they were not in a position to protest.

The school management admits the main door of the teachers accomodation is locked at 8:30 pm daily but says it is to ensure safety of the place as it was broken into by burglars last Sunday."

The principal denied the allegations that the teachers were being treated like prisoners.

In the wake of the burglar incident, she said they held a meeting and agreed that the gate be locked after 8:30 pm and it just happened that three of the teachers were not around during the meeting and so they did not know about it."

It was also mentioned there that the teachers can still go out of the accomodation if they wish to, they just have to ask the person in charge for the keys...

by Raynald Rivera

DOHA: The management of the Philippine International School in Qatar (PISQ) has been accused of treating school teachers as prisoners as the latter are kept locked in their official accommodation after 8.30 every night.

Some teachers claiming to be victims of the management’s high-handedness say the main entrance to their lodgings is locked at 8.30 every evening and a school official keeps the keys with him.

“We, therefore, cannot venture out of our accommodation after 8.30pm even if there is a personal emergency,” said a teacher, adding that for fear of losing their jobs they were not in a position to protest.

The school management admits the main door of the teachers’ accommodation is locked at 8.30pm daily but says it is to ensure safety and security of the place as it was broken into by burglars last Sunday.

A “concerned” individual who is not a Filipino but was “sympathetically aware” of the plight of the Philippine school teachers termed the situation as disgraceful in remarks to The Peninsula yesterday.

“The issue now is they are keeping us locked inside our accommodation after 8.30pm. We are like prisoners, with only one person having the keys to the main door,” he claimed in remarks posted on a popular local website.

He said they were receiving very low salaries as compared to other schools in the country. “If we complain even to school authorities, it will be followed with termination and repatriation,” he said.

Speaking to The Peninsula yesterday, Luisa Mendoza, PISQ Principal, denied the allegation that the teachers were being treated like prisoners, but admitted in the same breath that the practice of locking the gate after 8.30pm was a security measure they had implemented after a burglar broke into the accommodation on Sunday evening.

“An intruder entered our accommodation after 4pm last Sunday, stealing valuables including three digital cameras and jewellery from two of the rooms,” Mendoza said.

In the wake of that incident, she said they had held a meeting and agreed that the gate be locked after 8.30pm as a security measure to prevent any theft in future.

“It just happened that three of the teachers were not around during the meeting so they did not know about it,” she explained.

However, any teacher is free to go out and enter the accommodation premises even after 8.30pm; they just have to call the person having the key, according to Mendoza.

With regard to the complaint about low salaries, she said the teachers knew about the salary they would be receiving as they were informed about it back home before being recruited.

And as for the accusation that teachers are terminated summarily and packed off home, she said: “No one has been terminated or repatriated for lodging complaints. Teachers are terminated for valid reasons.”


maybe to prove that the allegations are not true, the management should just give duplicate keys to the teachers who live there.. that way, they won't feel like they are being treated as prisoners and they could come and go as they please.

now the issue is more clear. thanks gkramer for the info.

A “concerned” individual who is not a Filipino but was “sympathetically aware” .... MEEEEEEEEEE :o)

I guessed that baldrick :o)

It will be really interesting if police records don't reflect any report of burglary there ;)

The incident happened at 4 PM so how is locking up the place after 8:30 PM making it any safer. Keep'em locked 24/7

'PISQ had been a second home of my kids, and the kids of hundreds Filipino parents like me working here in Qatar...the teachers there had been their second parents in school. Lets give them the respect they deserve the gratitude of taking care and educating our children, The school admin should provide them a nice, comfortable accomodation, one which they will feel safe and relax after a day of stressing moments in the school with our kids...

'after all we are paying good enough tuition fees for each and every child we send to school and hopefully, matters like this should be well taken care of to keep the mind of the PISQ teachers at rest and they could concentrate more on their teaching.....

there should be another key duplicate for each room in case of emergency and for personal reasons....

I hope that they met mutually on this....

that this is not black propaganda.... nor maltreatment or mishandling... but a simple issue of miscommunication... hope that they sort it out urgently to avoid inconvenience...:)

when he said: "please help them".

but whatever issue between the teachers & the management I hope it will be resolved soon. This matter doesn't look good at all granting it's on the front page of the newspaper today:(

Yesssss!!!! QL comes through thanks to Baldrick and jhojoo! While issues of salary and grievances are open to interpretation and negotiation, locking people in a building without an immediately available emergency exit comes as close as any I know to a criminal action.

A sample conversation: Hello, I rang a few minutes ago but there was no answer, perhaps your battery is low. I wonder if you could just pop 'round the teachers' hostel. There's been a fire and we'd really like you to open the doors if that wouldn't be too much trouble. Yes, the fire truck are here, but they can't get in, either. 20 minutes? We'll try to hold on, thanks.


OMG!!! So sad about this..why they are doing this to them...they are not Prisoners.

Typical crab mentality. Do what I say but not what I do

the gate... that would make it much more transparent if security is indeed the only reason they have a lock on the gate...

yeah Xena, that is how it should be... it doesn't look good if only one person holds the key..

i have a chance to talk to pisq parents who have inquired to pisq teachers about the issue,jhojoo is one of the three teachers who were out during the meeting of teachers in the accomodation.why jhojoo...mad at pisq?why you put your school in bad image?good if the issues you raised are true. i think, you should leave pisq.are you not ashamed of what you have done to your school? low salary? why did you accept the offer if you are not happy of your salary?slave? how? were you asked to do something not with in your job description? i heard you always go out and go home late at night. maybe that is the reason why you are angry at pisq.Poor pisq to have such an employee like jhojoo. management think about it.For all the teachers in all the schools... you are the role models, set examples to your students not only ideas.Good, mr. raynald rivera, interviewed the principal and posted also the info gathered. now jhojoo you have read all the comments, are you now happy that you have put your school in shame?your school being at the front page in Peninsula because of your wrong move. let us stop attacking pisq now my friends. The parents i have talked are quite mad to jhojoo because pisq is the second home of their children.you see friends, jhojoo did not even come out to say a word.

The truth shall save you pisq.

and the school in a far worse light than the OP. You are the one attacking the character of the OP by saying she goes out late at night. Her social habits are NONE of your concern you pathetic jerk. The school LOCKING teachers indoors with only one key held by ONE person is the issue and that was proven true! How dare you come on here and express your concern for the "second home of your children" and have no respect for those teachers who are caring for your children in their "second home".

The truth will save PISQ only if they rectify the serious lapse in judgment and remedy the situation. This thread prompted that so you should be grateful that your children now have safer and freer teachers.

i don't know what is your problem at pisq? i have also read that you posted another topic here at ql again against your school, about pregnancy test. my friend also asked about this and the teachers whom he asked were shocked to know because it is not true. i noticed same alias - jhoojo you only posted that pregnancy test ealier than this pisq teachers as prisoners. How many years have you been there at pisq? what level are you teaching? i hope you are not the teacher of the son and daughter of my friend, my close friend.i am sympathezing at pisq management, teachers and parents specially that i have known the real story.They have parents' orientation this afternoon so my friend have the chance to ask about the issue. how i wish i can meet you personally jhojoo so i can give you more advice, brotherly advice. I think you have so many unsettled issues in your life.


really sad

but also we need to know what is there explanation "if there is any"


I am serious...pwedi po ba Tagalog. A friend of mine, PISQ teacher, nag email po sa akin about the issue. PISQ insider po ako a year ago, now nasa Pinas po ako. So ask ko sa friend ko, why? what happened?

Last week daw an unknown person/s break-in the accommodation destroying at least two doors with weak locks at sinira talaga yun pinto at nagnakaw...at nag spray daw ng "Somali". Pagdating nila ng hapon ay dismaya to the max sila kasi napasok sila. Kasi daw bukas ata pinto. Three times na actually nangyari ito at 2x when I was still at PISQ na may pumasok na gabi sa accommodation.

Sabi ng pamilya ko uwi na lang. Yun jhojoo? kilala ko yan, at kilalang notorious sa raket pag madilim na, ha ha ha...alam ko tunay na pangalan niya...at alam ko sikreto nya. Email nyo ko sa mariapld408@gmail.com at duon ko ibubulgar gawain nyan...pati iba, he he he may mga midnight deals na di magandang ehemplo sa mga madlang people. Yung apektado at mga mahilig maglayas sa gabi, abaw ay nasa Qatar kayo, ingat sa huli...kayo din!

You are on the main forum.

QUOTE from Peninsula: ""The school management admits the main door of the teachers’ accommodation is locked at 8.30pm daily but says it is to ensure safety and security of the place as it was broken into by burglars last Sunday.

An intruder entered our accommodation after 4pm last Sunday, stealing valuables including three digital cameras and jewellery from two of the rooms,” Mendoza said.""

QUOTE from Orig Poster: "all exit are closed with metal grills,there is no fire exit and no fire extinguisher. What if in case there is a fire,all 30 teachers will be burned...

->I absolutely agree on "security measures" BUT whatabout the "safety measures:"?,,,, LIFE is more precious than any valuable items to lose. I dont know the truth behind this issue, my comments are just based on what was written above though.

social habit is important to consider if you are a teacher,and specially also if your activities outside your accomodation is immoral . locking the door early made her mad that means that limits her time outside. i have heard they have identified the poster already. and good i have chance too to talk to one from the accomodation, the door is locked when they all go to school, teachers of pisq are reacting badly to the poster for coming out to the wrong forum the fact that management is approachable, this is also the comment of my friend whose children are studying at pisq. the poster felt bad because she was one of those who were not around during their meetings, and she used to go home late that's why. she still thought same time that she can enter.

go pisq.

lola maria you spoke much of the teachers, anyway that will justify the issue of observing a curfew in the accomdation if that is the case.pisq management, go go go, you need to set measure specially that you have still undisciplined teacher left so what is the use of keeping a teacher like her? set her free... virus in the system. poster you should have been responsible enough you should not have come out here in ql, i guessed somebody advised you to do it, so later you will feel the result of your unwise move or i do not know how you feel right now that your posted issue has put your school in bad name.

pisq you are a victim of a redicule now but i know parents are still wise, they see.... you have have the quality.... you offer quality education..... carry on, but be selective of your teachers not only intelligence but also character.... emotionally fit and psychologically fit.

Wow, all of the accusations being thrown around all of a sudden..

You guys from the school management here to try and tarnish the reputation of employees who speak the truth?

Really now... The last few posts are just low and reflect very poorly upon the person who posted the unverified, scandal mongering tripe.

mr expat based from lola maria teachers are free to the extent of abusing their freedom. we symphatized too much to the poster-jhojoo but we did not see the other side, anyway we are all entitled to our opinions but since i have talked to some who are from the school, now what i am saying here now is from them, they are not prisoners and the other issues raised by jhojoo are all baseless and NOT TRUE. IF i were the management i would give the poster the shot that she deserves for staining the name of the school. can we give now pisq a rest for all the redicules and attacks? too much for the school already and we are no longer a help but contributing to the bad image of the school. Thanks

PISQ is always cleaning up the system. While cleaning up, dirtbags cried out loud, unfair!

PISQ is always and will always be my school I really admired. Most teachers are well qualified and really talented. Bad eggs spoiled the white image of the school. These teachers must be deported. They do not deserve to be called teachers. Find jobs somewhere!

As paragon of virtues, teacher's central role is of moral importance. I hate to read threads about reactions that were unfounded. PISQ should clean its backyard and get rid of these bad eggs.

I stay on my belief and proud to tell my kids that PISQ is indeed a home of Quality Learning.

My apology if my previous thread hurts. Truth hurts and I will not stop for truth.

Thank you.

...Ok my apology ex.ex.expat or ek.ek.ekpat(in Tagalog):

Here is the translation:

Summary: a certain lady teacher who is notoriously going out night time use her cellphone to picture the padlock in the afternoon. She got irked because the management wanted the 'lady teachers' to act with propriety and decency as teachers because in the past some teachers were slipping out of the accommodation to 'meet' strangers out there for unknown transactions during night time. As the administration noticed their activities, putting the reputation of the school in bad light, these hard-headed teachers were notified to refrain going out night time because some CARWA taxi drivers and private drivers dubbed the accommodation short of calling a prostitution den because of their activities. We were hurt because their activities may have been misinterpreted; but some taxi drivers are truly spelling the bean that these teachers are indeed moonlighting like pros....so the admin got worried about their uncontrolled nightlife activities. So a damage control. But a few of them are still into it.

Statistics at PISQ: a lady teacher was imprisoned when caught in Landmark dating a foreign national; she was deported after staying in jail for a week; a male teacher was imprisoned for an allegedly illicit act; he was deported after 6 months in jail; a male teacher was raped allegedly in the desert while out nightime; he resigned; recently an AWOL lady teacher got pregnant with no husband while in Qatar; she went home allegedly the mother was ill; recently also a math teacher was sent home due to dating a foreign national and altercated with the owner's son; how in the world these teachers can endure teaching good manners while they are not; it is a common knowledge that this teacher who photographed the padlocked is mysteriously dating someone while she is known loudly as married! the reason while she was always out was that she is moonlighting, greedily for money, in exchange of......ha ha ha ha you know it. She sings well by the way.

Come to think of it, if you want to make your school decent, and yet indecent employees abound. Since I can't take it anymore, I resigned too because my husband got so mad learning the acts of these teachers.

No wonder some CARWA drivers always think that residents of the accommodation are easy money takers and pros....

Thank you Joel Singson!

I hope this will end the era of jhojoo.


Locking the teachers inside is not a good idea unless all have be suppled with the Key. No amount of justification is acceptable.

What Monstrosity!!

Philipine International School should be closed down for torture and slavery!!!

How can you treat your fellow kabayans like animals in the zoo?

of the accomodation!

Whilst I agree with TCOM that no amount of justification, but said issue was raised in a meeting and agreed upon And as expected, those who are not present are the one complaining. Something fishy here!

As I said before, if they can not provide each room with a master key, then it shoult NOT only be one person holding the key but more than one!

lockin as in jail is not acceptable... can keep timin system.. if anyone comes late shud b dismissed or choose othr logical methods.... aftr all thy r human, not animals...

wow...when it comes to GOSSIPS..FILIPINOS are bound to cooperate and put down one another.

sometimes people could be stupid here in QL.

it breaks my heart because i am a filipino

How shocking that you find it justifiable to criticise fellow countryman - who gives you the right to be judge and jury of people who are human and live as humans live...

It should not be up to the school to take action against those who are misguided by their lifes style. Talk to the people concerned and warn them if management feels they are not behaving appropriately, but never ever try to be a jailer... as this is not your right...

How dare anyone judge someone else on their chosen lifestyle? If they were back in Phil, would anyone give a damn what a teacher did outside of school hours? Unless it was illegal? Would you even know what they got up to... just because here they live in close confinment, doesn't give anyone the right to impose curfews on adults who are old enough to live their own lives....

Freedom is not merely the opportunity to do as one pleases; neither is it merely the opportunity to choose between set alternatives. Freedom is, first of all, the chance to formulate the available choices, to argue over them -- and then, the opportunity to choose.

Pay them the salary they deserves and they wont go out moonlighting. Just my 2 cents! :P

closing the school oh no! we are all carried by the pictures posted by jhojoo, i told earlier that according to the teachers living in that accomodation they told to my friend, a parent of pisq that the door is only locked now when they will all go to school, at night there is barrel inside, anybody inside can open, if you are late in going home you call your roomate to open. Little knowledge is dangerous, truly dangerous, we have read the real story thru mr rivera, what for? yes mr, ako- pinoy you are right sometimes here in ql, stupidity happens, but one will just be responsible, know first the real issue, do not be one sided, you see where is the poster now? have we read any line from him?

I can not, not, NOT, understand why anyone would attempt to justify, defend, explain or mitigate the circumstances of locking people in a building with no emergency escape route! And, no, the giving out of keys would not be a sufficient safety factor. Hasn't anyone heard of doors that lock from the inside? The are locked on the outside but can be opened from within. Good grief! Again, I consider this a criminal action. The police would have the perpetrator in custody if this were the US. It is simply never morally or legally justified to put people at such foolish risk. And before you jump in to tell me that I have misunderstood the situation, I am taking the word of the person responsible who was interveiwed by the Peninsula. The doors were locked and could only be opened by a key that was held by one person. Breathtakingly horrifying.


Sometimes, the freedom to express your side is also abused here. pisq does not anyway our justifications, they are giving their best service to our children. Teachers are never prisoners! they never be one as many in ql are thinking. They have rights, they are not slaves! prisoners have no right to go out from their jails, right? PISQ teachers can go out anytime from their accomodation. But they should follow the policies. In any organization, there are binding rules and policies, don't you think that? There is no absolute freedom in this world.

The treatment of these teachers and disrespect of them based upon gossip (however true they believe it to be) by their own countrymen is appalling in my opinion. It's absolutely disgusting that they believe their children's teachers to be their personal teaching slaves who do not have the freedom to come and go and spend their leisure hours as they see fit. Shocking!

At least the principal's explanation of security as the reason for locking the doors has a shred of misguided logic. Others are claiming the doors should be locked on moral grounds!


How would the same people who advocate and support locking feel if their sponsor locks them up every night.

The way I am seeing it, they are agreeing to having these teachers locked up in their residence, as Mandi said 'Others are claiming the doors should be locked on moral grounds!'

I think thats dispicable... would they agree to being locked up in their own premises at night - or would they rather prefer that they take their own morality into their own hands and live their lives as they see fit?

These people are teachers and there will always be those that are not exactly "morally" correctly, but I do not agree that anyone should be locking adults into their "home" at night to keep them from 'immoral acts'...

The teachers should be chained to the classrom desk or blackboard for their own safety. This will also help them to concentrate more on their job and impart quality education.

Those who advocate and support PISQ are the biggest hypocrites I have come across. Looks like they lock their wards too.

I think they are more concerned about getting cheap education for their kids than the human rights of their countrymen and women. Their big fear seems to be that the news of this imprisonment will affect the school's reputation which may cause it to close. So they think it's legitimate to gossip and attack the character of anyone who dared to bring this unacceptable policy (the lock-up) to light.

You will never understand Xena....the issue is security against intruders plying the area; you do not have the whole picture so you will never understand. Burglars and intruders silently entered the building and worst the occupants are exposed to danger...it happened already during daytime and nightime. The reason why these intruders were able to sneak in was due to an opened door left unlocked. What the hell are some doing outside is not much of a concern, but they also should watch their acts because they carry the name of the school wherever they are...aren't setting a good moral behavior in the first place must be observed by a teacher? If their acts would put the other occupants in danger is that not also a criminal act?

You will never understand because you do not know the real picture. If they are responsible adults they will not be sneaking late at night keeping the doors open and giving an opportunity to intruders.

You will never understand Xena....the issue is security against intruders plying the area; you do not have the whole picture so you will never understand. Burglars and intruders silently entered the building and worst the occupants are exposed to danger...it happened already during daytime and nightime. The reason why these intruders were able to sneak in was due to an opened door left unlocked. What the hell are some doing outside is not much of a concern, but they also should watch their acts because they carry the name of the school wherever they are...aren't setting a good moral behavior in the first place must be observed by a teacher? If their acts would put the other occupants in danger is that not also a criminal act?

You will never understand because you do not know the real picture. If they are responsible adults they will not be sneaking late at night keeping the doors open and giving an opportunity to intruders.

One must remember that this is Qatar. As expats the laws of ethics, practices, acts and culture of the place must be respected. In your country you can do whatever you want to do..this is Qatar..remember.

Prisoners are guarded with armed personnel and their freedom of movements are limited. The analogy is farfetched likened into a prison just because this fellow cannot just go anytime she wanted. There are rules to follow.

What about other occupants who are not certain about their own security because when this fellow sneak out the door is left opened? I know the management talked to this person many times. She has not cooperated sensibly.

that could be done for security besides locking the teachers in with a door that requires a key from the outside and inside. Have the landlord change the door to one like Mandilur suggested FFS!

You are a big part of the reason the problem existed in the first place. You run around and gossip and then the school thinks they have to "protect their reputation" by doing something extreme like locking them in with A KEY HELD BY ONE PERSON because of backbiters like you.

You are the ones who are not sensible, Joel and Lola.

Why bust your fangs and let your blood boils over this problem? If the complainant is really that brave, she should have gone to the police office and seek assistance.

She has done the initial step. The problem is, this jhojoo is not even answering the threads. And here we are arguing on but not helping the case.

Why not help this poor fella. Go for it. Go to school and find that person out.

My knowledge is first hand about this person, not gossip.

imho let the teachers choose if they want to stay in that accommodation or leave out...

its their life anyway they can do what they wanted as long its not against the law, if they break the law then they must know the consequences...

and about the reputation of the teachers as a role model... i don't know what to say...lol hehe..

What a shame! foreign taxi drivers are laughing to the helm whenever they pick up and send back these "girls" in their accommodation....shame on us for a few Filipinas who are not thinking about the reputation of the whole race...

If for some reasons some would not want to be under "control of certain rules", they have the choice; they can leave out. So why not follow the rules when you are under the wings of the accommodation...if for some reasons their acts would endanger the other occupants,it would be unfair and a blatant insensibility to the rights of others...the right to sleep peacefully and free from fear of being burglarized or stalked by intruders or worst murdered.

What is your choice?

I'd rather have my camera stolen than be burned alive.


having the chance to talk to some teachers has put me to a more reliable way of giving my comments as compared to those who are only looking at the pictures posted by jhojoo and the issues raised and parhaps composed by her non filipino friend who maybe the one sent the letter to the Peninsula. i came to know that these teachers in that accomodation have again their second meeting with the admin head and one teacher is out again.... where is the teacher????? the meeting was announced to all the teacher occupants except that one teacher who is not riding in their bus almost every afternoon according to a source.... and goes home late. They have decided to close the door using the barrel no key and anyone can open inside if they wish to go out, as explained by a teacher. You should understand that their place is not safe. Padlock is only used when they all go to school, nobody is inside the accomodation they will all go to school. It is more foolish to keep on commenting that you do not know the changes and agreements made or not updated. For those who are still insisting their accusations against pisq, better visit their accomdation now so you will have a clearer view of the issue posted by jhojoo with all her pictures

if the burglars/criminals can get inside their accomodation because their main door is not locked to give favor to the poster, not only your camera be stolen but of course your life too, don't you think of that mr. mandilulur?

are you one of those egyptian men who love to chase after filipinas? lol

You do seem to be heavily invested in supporting the school and trashing this one teacher.

poster, poster, where are you now? why don't you give also your lines now that many have commented on what you have posted against your school, the source of your living and your family as well.How cruel you are teacher. Just by the issue of closing your door, you have thought of betraying your school already? You misjudged already the management. According to the interview, your principal said that teachers are terminated for valid reasons. where did you get your idea that when you complain, you will be terminated or deported? so why still stay at pisq if your salary is low? what did pisq do to you or to other teachers, why you said, you are treated as slaves? do you know what you are saying? have you thought of the consequences of what you have done? Maybe that sunday night that you went home, you did not know yet what happened in your accomodation, you were only shocked that your door was already closed unlike during the previous nights that you went home open.

why,are you ashamed to make a request because you yourself you know what are your activities every night? When i say i support the school of course i embrace all the staff in the school.

edifis they should be chained in the library I believe, that way they can study some books during the night and impart the knowledge to the kids in the morning.

Make sure they are chained in such a way that they can't touch one another else moral issues crop up.

Effing morons who came out here defending the school, you have just managed to tarnish the image further.

not trashing out friend.... redirecting the teacher.... she is out of the right way as based from lola maria.i guessed lola maria know very well the poster.if i get it right, the teacher's attention has been called and yet, she still continue going home at night. ex. ex. expat, you are still in poster's issue... lol i came to know, there are changes already.. there you are you keep on comenting and unaware of the changes. what i am saying is not a gossip, my freind is a parent and they have a meeting at pisq last friday, my freind has the chance to ask to some teachers about the issue okey enjoy making the head of the poster bigger and bigger, i hope there is a sense inside.

Not all egyptians are what you are thinking, why... have you tried that way???

but you don't have to live long in Doha to know many of you guys keep Filipina "friends" (aka girlfriends), secretly of course because your wives back home or their parents would never accept a Filipina as an Egyptian's wife ;)

no problem to defend an innocent being or entity so long as the defense has a sense and with basis, unlike to most who keep on protecting the poster whose issue is channeled in the wrong venue. what you are now, you owed that to your teachers, have respect to the teachers. Chained? that's yours.

PISQ, don't worry..we have faith in you... so sad that you have jhojoo in your school who does not know protocol, and sought the wrong advice. poster, i think you need your parents' advice, be with them. perhaps reading all the comments, makes you happy? good luck

joel and maria you guys are obviously from school management who were ordered to make an account here and discredit the story. I think both of you are the same person anyway, if there is any truth in your claims go and contact the press. Maybe they will publish your side of the story, as it is you are just damaging the school's reputation further. Let it slide and it won't become a major issue, keep up the mud slinging and you will really take the school's name down.

you too is outside the topic now my friend, i think you should be also locked so you will not get out from the topic okey. you freely give your comments but i am sad for poster and pisq. Poster, you betrayed your "mother" - pisq. How would you feel now? Satisfied? PISQ.... you have a prodigal teacher.... so sad that your efforts in keeping her embrace the values and discipline of a PISQ teachers... she failed...poster, regret comes at the end always. You have embraced the wrong values teacher, anyway, there is always what we call next time.PISQ,continue your reminders to your teachers.

Who made you judge of humanity?

you are wrong..... it is just that i have informants the parents, who are also reacting to the issue.some of them have seen the place, so they are telling me what i have said, put together lola maria and the news article in the peninsula, you can have a clear idea already plus what i have heard from my friends (parents of pisq)who have talked to some teachers. Anyway, you keep it what you believe that is yours.

dragging through the mud on this thread "joel". Who cares if you talked to your "friends" whose kids go there or other "informants"? You are just another anonymous basher who just made an account to post on this thread You are trying to support the school by trashing the character of the OP and making the school and their "informants" look worse by the minute.

And don't suggest I, too, be locked up like a prisoner. I would never accept that and would go straight to my Embassy, which has a reputation for taking care of its citizens if they are abused.

these two will never get whats being said... would really stop wasting your breath...

I still stand by what I said before, there is no problem with locking the gates at night, provided that they give duplicate keys to the people living there.

why dont they employ a security guard? Is it so difficult to do even that?

to make entry when they go out and come in,reason why they go out and with whom,vehicle number,purpose also

is for all of you to visit the accommodation. And see for yourself. Both sides are not talking on same level. A real misunderstanding will not accomplish any good result!

But I know a lot of company accommodation who imposed curfew on their employees specifically if under their sponsorship 'cause anything that happens even not in working time is still under their responsibilities!

Almost all accommodation I visited are locked at the gate but the difference is they have space inside where they can run in case of fire and they have keys (not one, but not all either).

Like I said, I'm curious about the lay-out of this accommodation!

i agree with stealth, employ a security guard.

ex ex pat first hand info is more reliable than just looking at the pictures of the poster and just reading the posted issues, if nobody cares, so be it, at least like you who is reacting in ql, i have also the right to express my defence and reactions

be objective and not be subjective.... why not visit the accomodation.... talk to the teachers... interview them this is much better rather than just basing your commnents and reactions to the posted issue, good, Peninsula made an interview at least we heard another first hand info. Better if the poster will also come out for her to speak here in ql, she has posted some issues supported by her pictures..... the issue of locking..... bow.... close... end!!!!!

Why not move them to a much safer place instead? Villas/accomodation nowadays are getting cheaper.

That location is obviously very unsafe to live, where anyone can break in unnoticed. And accordingly, this happened not only once but several times. Were those all incidents been reported to the police/authority so they can take some measures to catch these theives?

hey nice to see u back here,,kumusta?i am coming qatar next week n i wl b ther for 5days,,hope u will spend time wid me,,miss our tym at sealine last moth,,,throw ur guys n b free for me only,,try to take a stay out from ur stupid accomodation of pisq,,col u wen i am free n tell u the tym of my flight,,ingatzz,,,misss u

i got a friend inside the accomodation,,let u know wats their reason for locking them down,,its so called breaking in,,last one was befor two days of that posting,,principal was the victim,,two doors on the first floor wer broken,,and on the walls its writen with red paint,,,SOMALI LAND,,,many tymes it happen before too,,but the boss never complain to police,,reason is only that if police comes ther,,the school will be in trap for humen rights violations,,many break ins happened ther when teachers are in shool,,still they kip the doors open,,they feel to lock it down only wen teachers are in,,even they never tried to kip a security guard,,just simple logic that to hide the humen rights violations,,they r attacking the one who show courage to post it here with lots of allegations wid her personal life,,feel free to ask me any thinh regarding wats happening ther,,i have lots of things with solid proof,,gud day

let the bosses of PISQ to know,,the night the posting came wid pics of door locks,,ther was a meeting in that accomodation,,they removed the locks coz of the scare of inspection from NHC,,after the meeting ther was big celebration by teachers in the accomodation,,all apreciating the one who post it,,and making fun of the boss der,,but wen it became an issue,,every one went back to scilence,,,pitty for the teacers who dont have daring to question the violations der,,the reason the boss for kiping them locked is that if one more teacher cought for immoral traffic the school will close down,,why all the teachers have to suffer for bad things done by few teachers,,they shuld have kept a cam n a security on gate,,that wud have solved all the issues

mr mock mocky sorry, makmakzi, you are a great liar and you posted an erroneous information. The two rooms are in the second floor not in the first floor,the color of the paint used is BLACK not red and sprayed not on the walls but on the floor.

Stop defending the poster, better go and visit the accomodation and there you will see that what you have posted is VERY VERY WRONG.Whoever gave you those erroneous information deserve to be called the greatest liar i have ever known. yes the poster and you are both slaves, why? because both of you do not have the guts to come out and channel your problems to the right and proper venue.Slaves have very limited rights. Teachers of PISQ are not slaves. They can go anywhere they want. They can make freinds to anyone even to different races. Locking the door at a particular agreed time is not considered being slave. But, if anyone called himself slave just because of that policy... then go on with that belief but please do not generalize. Not all are like you whose understanding of circumstances is low or very limited. How pitiful the two of you. Celebration of teachers??? Woe to you and your friend and the one who gave you the false information. I should not be going down to your level and your informants whoever they are or she is, but just to voice out what i know and what i feel while reading. It so sad to know that we have workers here in Qatar like you. Next time edit also your comments before you post, check your spelling and grammar.

Makmakzi, i am challenging you to visit the accomodation and have the chance to talk to all the occupants there rather than giving the wrong information. Why? were you called by your teacher friend? or you are only misleading again and inviting again more and more to react on your false information?You are setting again the fire anyway, i beleive in the law of karma. if your are happy or find satisfaction and fulfillment in spreading this false information, okey go on, you have all the rights in this ql, the right to express a very very wrong info. you are inviting anyone to show your proof... why, is there another picture that you are going to post here in ql? Don't be coward, go and visit the accomodation. You want to put down the school? you hate the management? for what? before you accuse anyone or point your finger to anyone, take note all your 4 fingers are pointing at you. it has become obvious as to the one who posted the issue against pisq. You get now the consequences of your action

The school is doing its best.Quality in the hearts and minds of the school management. There is no perfect school nor management. But in the side of PISQ, they are in the pursuit of excellence.

Why insist yourself to be in an organization if you are no longer happy that every move becomes negative already. why stay, if you feel your activities are already limited by the organization because of the presence of law? It is unfair attacking too much the organization/company that feeds you or where you earn your living.


No justification acceptable.

My one question will the person who has put the lock accept if some one puts a lock on his door.

mr. justification, we have come out with long threading, the padlock story is already finished, the poster did never come out. she exaggerated her posted issues. padlock is not all bad, if you leave your office or your room or your house, what will you do, just leave open? if you will sleep at night, do you leave your door open?

joel singson I don't lock someone else inside and leave my home or office. Stop giving stupid arguments.

Lesson for everybody, channel your problems, issues, complaints to the proper venue, to the concerned person for a better result and for proper forum.

I understand that Qatar Living has a noble purpose and not to make issues become worse.

Future posters, be responsible, seek advice to mature and sensible people do not be impulsive.

You are the only one who is continously commenting here and making it worse. Let this thread die and stop insulting other posters. The longer you do it, the longer this thread stays active and more bad publicity for the school.

not stupid if the one who lock are also inside for security reason, just like you, before you sleep at night, dont' you lock your room or your main door? that's the scenario and you are getting mad already, well this is the sad thing here in ql anyway, many are reacting with out trying to inquire about the case. ok sleep and have all your doors open lol

I can open the door and walk out whenever I want. Can they?

Do you pad lock your wife and kids inside when you go to work?

Joel Singson..I just hope you and Lolamaria, are not from the school's management. Coz if you do, then you both ruined the school's reputation far more than the orig poster did. I hope you got my point dear.

Comments by those defending the school are so illogical that it has actually done more damage to the reputation of the school that the original post.

at long last the padlock issue has been padlocked already, thanks. Everyone can now rest their minds. Peace to all. PISQ continue to shine.

apporoach supreme education counil

issue's been padlocked already? was it because the three teachers were sent home already....

then the Bully Mentality has set in....

I will be shocked if an upstanding institution that I have hear PISQ to be, is a party to playing bully when faced with critisism....

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