Police Clearance Certificate

By munanaqvi

What are the requirements of getting a police clearance certificate from Qatar where I have been working to take back to my home country?

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By Wild Turkey• 3 years 4 days ago.
Wild Turkey

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By Wild Turkey• 3 years 4 days ago.
Wild Turkey

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By Captain Jack Sparrow• 3 years 4 days ago.
Captain Jack Sparrow

Molten Metal is a human virus - so many have been irritated by the garbage he writes. He offers zero constructive or helpful advice in any of his posts, he practically lives online on Qatar Living as he has no life of his own. Just go through all his contributions to date, a complete and utter waste of space and life.

By shutter• 3 years 4 days ago.
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copy of visa and passport you use to enter here in Qatar, authorization letter from you to the person whose going to process you PCC and fill up the form.. credit/debit card for payments they dont accept cash. after a week you can claim your PCC and need for a stamp in Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

By Molten Metal• 3 years 4 days ago.
Molten Metal

Captain as always the most pointless and useless contributor on the face of the planet. You are a parasite on here. What made you so angry ? Such an arrogant has no place in a modern society !

Abdul , It is okay to enquire before answering. Ignore captain once.

By abdulrahmankky• 3 years 4 days ago.

Dear Jack

when he mentioned P.C i realized that is for sponsor change that's why i asked which country because country to country it is different to obtain P.C. from their embassy

after your comments i have come to know that p.c from qatar

By Captain Jack Sparrow• 3 years 4 days ago.
Captain Jack Sparrow

Abdulrahmankky - Why are you asking? Why not just direct him/her on hows it done? So many people come here asking for guidance and help but more often than not just get pointless responses.

Munanaqvi - When you first come to Qatar you have to get your fingerprints taken at the CEID - this is where you go to request a PCC. when you enter this building go straight, up the few steps and turn right. Goto the desk and collect a ticket to be seen. You must fill out the police clearance form and take with you. You can print it from:


You will need a photocopy of your passport, Qatar ID, 2 passport photo's & 10 riyals charge (only payable via debit/credit card)

Another useful link:


It takes 5-7 days to obtain (they dont tell you this!) and will give you a slip, return and collect and then you have to get it attested. Goto Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Attestation Department.

By abdulrahmankky• 3 years 4 days ago.


first explain

which country are you?

for what purpose you need P.C?

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