Qatar Badminton Club is here

For those asking where is the Qatar Badminton CLub, see the attached file for the location... when you reach there you just have to open your eyes wide coz there's a very small sign bearing the name Qatar Badminton Club... you can also ask the guard in the guardhouse


Would love swing my arm again. Any idea whom to contact where, to get to play there?

Thnaks a tonne in advance.

hi 2 all, i'm coming 2 doha this january by myself... one thing i have in mind is to play lots of badminton 2 cope with homesickness.... i'm really addicted 2 this game... i can live w/o my wife but not w/o badminton... is there a good court there? where & when do the hustlers play? please give info.. or else i won't accept my employment there...hehehehe

Is there any interested party who wants to form a group for this game? let see how many we got here. I am sure there are many out there who are interested.

go do the honors.. i'll support if i get there... i'm used 2 organizing tournaments here.. really diehard badminton enthusiast

Finally i can feel like home... Guys Im a die hard fan of this game.. Can one of you please tell me what times the courts will be available and any set time u guys play??

Please let me know asap... i need some sport in my life fast :D!!

and great work with the map image :D!!



Hi All

I am in Doha for 2 weeks and i need badminton games to release my stress, pls advise where i can play this sport.

Thanks a lot

Hello I am in DOHA next wk. Can I join anyone of you for badminton games.

Let me know.


Can any one give the contact number of Qatar Badminton Club & its timings,fees....

can any one provide some more details please....thanks

hi..i am interested in playing not one of the best player but i think i can play well enough to satisfied my opponent.I came to check qatar badminton club and it's good place to play for,....i am new and i want somebody to go with me their too..court is open from 4pm-10pm..hope to meet you guyzz ,i wanna have some new friends too...please leave your # if your interested to play and to help me too!! thanks

hii.. guys, i m interested to play badminton, but dont have any clue about the indoor court... so please write me on

hii.. guys, i m interested to play badminton, but dont have any clue about the indoor court... so please write me on

nice to hear that


nice to hear that,,,well i love to play badminton...!

so where is the is the attach file...greentea?

neways,,,i suggest that there will be a Badminton Group in QL.

where i can fin this court? im also a player of badminton.

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