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By melody_bestseller • 6 years 1 week ago.

does anybody here has tried to received packages from other country trough qatar post?? i havent receive my package yet from philippines.... help! he

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By simplyJC• 6 years 1 week ago.

gosh! me too...been checking my P.O. box important document was sent to me through Qatar Post last Dec.22,2009 from the Phili...i still don't have it...i know how you feel...

"there are no mistakes...just lessons learned"

By drmana• 6 years 1 week ago.

I have not used the regular Qatar post, but the EMS service called Mumtaz post from QPost. I sent my package to Australia and it reached there in a week.

By melody_bestseller• 6 years 1 week ago.

i think they dont send it straight to p.o boxes only special courrier does that... if they send via post you have to pick it up 2 weeks -1 month from the day they sent it here in qatar.. try to check in the to office jc..=)

mine was a mobile i ordered from a friend of mine..=(

By nicaq25• 6 years 1 week ago.

you may check from the sender if there is any tracking number from the item sent to you.

Postal mail sometimes takes time to arrive.

If the mail is in bulk size, Q-post will call you (if the sender provide dyour contact number) or send you letter from their mail man to pick the item from respective Q-post branch.


you can check on this list from their website your name.

By melody_bestseller• 6 years 1 week ago.

those are mobiles like 4 units do you think they will hold it in the custom or in the post?? or are they going to question me bout my packages? i am sorry but this is my first time to receive fro post to post... i avoid paying lot of money on special courriers its too expesive and it depends on the weight of goods too.. thanks guys again..

By nicaq25• 6 years 1 week ago.

I don't think so. They may inspect it but if found not a threat to their homeland security, maybe they will not hold them up. Well, unless they were CDs or DVDs, definitely they will.