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my friend said that only 50 token for QIC third party insurance poicy per day in the qic office . and go early morning ie. before 6.30 am is it correct friends. in online renewel i have no credit card. pls advise me .


You can buy QIC third party insurance on Online

ahaider ... i have no credit card.

Even you don't have credit card.. your any ATM cards, be sure your ATM card has a money to pay!

There are so many other Insurance Companies in Doha. Why do you go at 6:00am to the Industrial Area to find that there are no more tokens left. They are not interested in third party insurance and that is why they have shifted their office to the last street of Industrial area.

Which is cheapest insurance, for 11 years old salooncar

Dear All,

Kindly note that the information exchanged is not correct. There is no limit for daily issuance of Third Party policies. The daily limit of Third Party policies had been waived a number of months ago (more than 6 months ago) and customers may purchase Third Party Insurance daily any time during working hours, from Head Office in West Bay and Abu Hammour Branch Office. Head Office is open also on Saturdays between 8am and 1pm.

Furthermore, for the client’s comfort and easy access, Third Party Insurance may also be purchased Online through the payment of a credit card.

Thanks and Regards,

Thanks QIC for the info.

Can someone give me the current location of QIC in Salwa Rd.


if ur coming from mawashi towards abu hamour, on ur left is the QIC, just opposite to the hypermarket.

after woqod petrol pump take right , from the next R/A take left u will get a traffic signal ...just in the opp.side is QIC

there are 100 woqod petrol station in qatar. please give the location of this woqod petrol station ;-)

the one in abu hamour going towards Industrial Area

thank u all

Try to look for another car insurance co. it is easy.

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