Radar Locations in Doha

[Editors Note : Qatar Living promotes safe driving - please always obey the traffic laws]

Always drive in your limits and know your limits.

And better to know the Radar locations in Doha,
( Reduce your speed at least in these spots)
Here they are for you.

> *The newest radar has been put up on the road near the American School of
> Doha and Doha College, which is between Decoration R/A and Al Waab traffic
> lights. It's in both directions. (60 or 80 km/hr - undecided...)
> *The temporary camera on Education City Road is up again! It might be
> two-way, so just slow down to make sure... (100 km/hr)
> Both Directions:
> 1. Road between Landmark and Senior Employees R/A.
> 2. Road between The Mall and the airport.
> 3. Road between Doha and Al Khor.
> 4. Road between Rainbow R/A and Intercontinental Hotel R/A.
> 5. Road between Decoration R/A and industrial area x2.
> 6. Road between Doha and Wakrah.
> 7. Road between Education City and Dukhan.
> 8. Road between Decoration R/A and Al Waab traffic lights.

> One Direction:
> 1. From Doha to Al Khor x2.
> 2. From Al Khor to Doha x2.
> 2. From Al Garrafa to Hyatt Plaza R/A x2.
> 3. From TV R/A to Post Office R/A.
> 4. From Education City R/A to Dukhan.
> 5. From Dukhan towards Education City R/A.
> Traffic Lights:
> 1. Ramada Conjunction
> 2. Al Sadd
> Mobile-Temporary Cameras (not all the time):
> 1. The underpass under Immigration R/A.
> 2. Education City R/A to other R/A going towards Dukhan.
> 3. Under the bridge on Istiqlal Road between Fire Department and Qatar
> Club
> R/A.
> 4. Car with detector parked near Qatar Club/Khalifa Stadium when coming
> from the Fire Department.
> 5. Somewhere on the corniche...


Well done!

I know where all the radars too and I keep my speed limits after having charge of 3 speeding 300 each + 1 parking ticket when we went to Asian Games at Khalifa Stadium. Bloody annoying isn't it?

Just keep dancing baby!

ooo ooo

I just got a speeding ticket and I’m afraid another one is on its way, crap! … Was the speed limit in Salwa road 100km/h???? How do I pay this thing now?

Still u didn't beat my record. 5 speeding fines + 1 parking fine. see I am really contributing to qatar economy.

Speed limit on Salwa Road is 80km/hr. you have to go to the trafic police station to pay the fine.

I think salwa road limit 80.....you can pay online....qatar e-goverment. BEEN THERE, GOT T-SHIRT. LOL!!!!

ooo ooo

… and how about beating mine: two speeding tickets in a couple of hours (this if I do get the second one, which is most likely)!

Speed limit in Salwa Road is 80 Dear! We heard you can pay them on line using this site


or wait until your registration renewal.

We also heard that there are times the government are in the mood to delete the charges records, like Eid or any other occasions. "Insha'Allah"

Just keep dancing baby!

ooo ooo

Hummm canceling tickets at Eid time … interesting … but can I wait that long without paying the fine?

too bad you lost to me my dear. my record is 2 sppeding tickets within 25 minutes on Salwa Road on my way to whole sale market and back. Sorry

ooo ooo

SL LOL … what’s wrong with Salwa Road!!!

The speed limit was 120km/hr earlier. They droped it down to 80km/hr suddenly. I had a great fun watching camera flasing at the night from a 3 storey building there. beleive me camera flashes about 2 minutes interval both direction at that time.

last month.. there were two person in VXR passed the traffic lights when it was RED in high speed,, u guess what ? at the same time the other cross traffic light had already become green .. once this traffic light become green another two person with pajero passed !!!! what happend ,, bloody accident .. the two person in pajero passed away...

In Addition too many accident like this happens..

so , plz dont pass when the traffic lights is RED

second, wait a moment before u luanch once the light is green and when u are at the first queue..

Also take care of a dark blue RAV4, it has a hidden radar, it can catch u while running beside u!! you can always find this car in wakkrah .. speed limit is 80 KM only, it can be parking or moving .. i saw it one in al dafnah too (near city center)

take care ..

112 new cameras are to be installed on many points in the expressways in additiond to the Trafic Lights. Gulf Times May 19, 2007.

Happy Driving.

The Dec RA to Al Waab is both ways now.

Act your age not your shoe size

the problem about salwa road is it gt 4 lane funny the speed limit on the road is 80km/h aint that silly.


No. It is Doha Style of thinking

they will hang the radar and camera in tress hidden than keep looking around where the hell i got fine from and where the damn camera was fixed :P


Hi SL,

Had posted the same two days ago....on 17th

Whats the use of the duplicate posting??????

Happiness keeps u Sweet, Trials keep u Strong, Sorrow keeps u Human, Failure Keeps u Humble, Success keeps u Glowing, But only God Keeps u Going.....

Keep Going.....

I can not recall anything due to high intake of AlChol yesterday. Sorry

Tbh, I think it's not big and it's not clever, swapping information about how you can avoid speeding radars.

How many people on these boards complain about the bad driving of others, particularly Qataris, and particularly people who drive Landcruisers?

And now it turns out that you're just as bad.

You can't complain about the speeding and the erratic driving of others if you're only doing the same. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Why aint the government website functioning properly?


I cant check my violations properly.

IF you guys can handle it, why not take a cab to go around instead. Most of the malls have cab stations that have cabs waiting for customers. This saves you the speeding tickets... just my $0.02. If you fancy taking a limo service from Karwa, these are Cadillac sedans that look exactly like private cars and they charge QR 20 for the initial rate. I'm not sure how much is the succeeding charge for every kilometer after that... Expensive? Maybe but compare it to a QR 300 speeding ticket. Hassle? Maybe... but compare that against the hassle of paying the fine and running the risk of a license revocation....

... just my thoughts....

my husband got 2 speeding ticket in 2 days ... same place ...

but has anyone really actually seen their violations from the moi.gov.qa website? Are those traffic violation tabs really working or updated in the first place??

A couple of months ago I gave my wife the good news she'd been caught speeding. Checked license plate on the site.

Also, if you register with the Metrash service they'll send you a sms for any government related business; traffic fines, people you sponsor entering the country, renew driver's license, etc.

A mate just got a ticket. Given to her through the car rental place. Only found out when she went to renew, though.

ooo ooo

Yes I’ve seen my ticket on the moi website and it came up incredibly fast, in less than a week …


Apart from moi web site,i tried the following web site,unable to get any information.


I think this web site dosent work.

Any other working website to know where we are .

You can call 486-0986 and give them the license plate number and they'll let you know. They'll probably ask who the car is registered to.

None of the tabs work in the egov website?


If my vehicle is not listed ,dont you think, i will be inviting unwanted trouble .

yv2r, what do you mean by inviting trouble? They're connected to the same database so if there's a violation they'll know. They won't come after you if that's what you mean because they know that you'll be going to them at least once a year. They'll just let you know if you have a ticket and how much the fine is.

It used to work before, but at this time it seems under repair for almost a month.



I just found out that the above link works. I have got a speeding ticket !!! :(

i wish they would have fines for:

driving too slowly - equally dangerous

stopping dead in the middle of a busy road.... v dangerous

twice this week i though i was going to be eating thru a straw for a while because of this.

I wonder if these cameras are actually calabrated properly. Gatso's have been proved to be upto 30% inaccurate, as hardly any of them are ever tested and calibrated. In the UK so many people are 'illegaly' fined in this way. I know of one person flashed going 130mph, his car was only capable of 102 flat out!, he got off.

Somehow I doubt the correct calibration happens here...

check out for cameras on signals.. i saw one on grand hamad street mounted on the pole next to the signal lights... and many mobile cameras can be found all over the place.. camera's on corniche are not of the typical type.. they are in a green coloured column box.. thats wat i have noticed so far..

You can't beat the fine...it's Qatar. No such thing as justice here. Hiding behind cameras and their inefficent police system is their game.


why you're digging this?

How about you stop copying the creator of Qatar Radars on Facebook!!!!


radar or no radar, just drive responsibly...

can any body confirm that whether the points for wrong parking is lifted or not?one of the Taxi driver was talking to me abt this and then today i got the parking fine.

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