Reviews about Rising star kindergarten
By xterra_2012 • 2 years 2 months ago.

Hi all,

I am planning to send my 2 year old kid to a preschool... heard that rising star kindergarten in old airport area is good.. need info from people who have sent their kids to this nursery.. thanks in advance..

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By sidbawany• 2 years 2 months ago.

Yes please go ahead.. Excellent staff and the prinipal miss Yasmin is very nice and gentle lady.. My son Saifullah did his preschool from there and we are fully satisfied with the results...

By xterra_2012• 2 years 2 months ago.

thanks a lot sidbawany..

By b1972• 1 year 10 months ago.

Rising Star is not an excellent kindergarten. My nephew attended Rising Star 3 years ago and her parents were not satisfied with the outcome,so they decided to transfer their son to Sunbeam kindergarten, a reputable kindergarten in Doha with qualified teachers and child-friendly assistants. My son's parents were happy and fully satisfied with the outcome and my nephew also enjoyed every school day in Sunbeam.

By morning2014• 1 year 10 months ago.

Hi please tell me if you have sent your child to rising star? pls share yo experience there as I was looking one for ma lil 3 yrs old girl..

By b1972• 1 year 9 months ago.

Hi morning2014. As I said, my nephew's experienced in rising star was not good and his parents were diasappointed. The Brithish teacher was good but most of her assistants were not child-friendly and didn't understand the nature of toddlers. My nephew is now happy in sunbeam kindergarten and his parents are happy as well because all staff are child-friendly, very organized and they understand every child's behavior.