Spy Pen Camera

Hi friends,

My Brother bought a spy pen camera.i have no idea how to use it??

plz help me.... to know how to use

waiting for ur earliest replies

thanks in advance


No way. Who knows what you'll use it for?!

Qatar specifically mentioned pen camera as no-no goods in this country. Practically, you already expose Yourself and Your IP in public by asking this question.

Put it in changing room ;)

hmmmmmmmmmmm i dont understand how a person using hi-tech gadgets can be stupid enough to reveal himself tat he has a spycam?

asif, stupidity is not a crime, but possessing a spy cam is :D

ignorance to the law is no excuse...

You want to become james bond huh...

jpa jpa

How to user a spy pen camera?

1. battery for the unit

2. charger for the brain


I buy also motion detector that looks like surveillance cam but even motion detection is not working! I buy it from al shaheen

al shaheen? you just wasted your money

motion detection should be done early in the morning... ;)

dear isutanu,

sub: illegal possession of a spy cam

with the reference to the above mentioned subject please be informed that the illegal possesion of spy gadgets is a serious crime.offenders will be banned and all the points will distributed among fellow QLrs who had warned him (including me).


just switch on it will automatically record video

then press the key three times to shift to photo mode then press three times to shift to audio mode

This thing is for stupids

u cant use spy cam in qatar.. illegal and u will be introuble

very late reply waseem bhai maybe op has already left the country or lost her camera

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