Success with slimming teas...anyone..???

I am constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce my pregnancy weight and the other day my friend told me she lost a couple of kilos by drinking this particular brand of slimming tea.

And i found myself rushing to the nearby local supermarket to find the last piece minus the polythene wrap and three tea bags :(

Why do people sink so low to try these rather than buying it..?

I thought i'll ask you guys whether you all had any success with slimming teas..? If so,any brand name..?


please DO NOT drink sliming tea if you are still breast feedind.

good luck

action speaks louder than words

Your profile says you are doing exercise and yoga. continue that, Try swimming it will reduce your wait and will strengthen your structure also. Dont yield for Ads which are coming as money minded. Cycling/walking/Swimming/Excersise only will do for slimming.

If you want to loose weight, please pm and and I'll direct you in the right direction. I've lost a good 8 kilos by cooking for myself. Its a simple commitment which you will not regret.

And slimming teas? Green tea is good with a lot of water too. But that also depends on your health.

fefee,my kids r one year old and am not nursing them anymore...

kumaran,i am a very bz mom,i hardly find time to do yoga or exercise.It's enough exercise handling two demanding and active toddlers.

Ha ha , you dont have time to do excersise. Your toddlers will give you excersise to make you slim. Practise them to run around the flat/room and you also run along with them.Dont eat fat contentened food and avoid munching between food.

So BZ mom to become slim you have to find some time to do excersise/cycling.Good luck.

with my diet, no workout is needed. Its really good - I'm proof.

is right... since your breast feeding its not advisable.

Al Diafa slimming tea is the most saleable one here... :)

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PITSTOP,why don't you be a good girl and share with me your diet..?

slimming tea doesnt suit everybody, my mom tried it once and ended up having loose motions, but it may not happen to everybody, perhaps my mom is extra sensitive..


i want to learn until i die, if u have some knowledge then share it with me.


Well it isn't that simple. I can explain it in pm, or you can call me and I can talk to you a little about it. If you aren't up to cooking, then there is no point for it at all. But if you are - then I'm here.

sliming tea could help in weight loos cus u will always fell like u have dareal.

the feeling after drinking sliming tea is not pleasent at all.imagine urself with 2 kids at carrefoure and in the middle of ur grocerie shoping, u feel like u have to rich the wc. in less than 2sec.

action speaks louder than words

i used to drink hot cups of water thrice in a day, and avoid all oily stuff, eating inbetween meals, and sweet dishes, and nuts etc, and also do little running about the house and play badminton etc,

i reduced some 3 kilos in a month...


i want to learn until i die, if u have some knowledge then share it with me.


Please open a new post about your diet cooking and let all benefit






SwanLake, why bother with "slimming tea?" It's just a laxative in a dissolvable formula. You tend to lose a fair amount of nutrients giving your self chronic diarrhea.


1.Eat junk food

2. be on QL or sleep 24X7 in fact be a couch potato.





diet to gain weight: eat loads of fast food EVERY NIGHT right before falling asleep!

good luck

action speaks louder than words

I know a lot of people that had problems with being too slim. Well it isn't the same for everyone. If I eat - over eat, much on 100 things all the time, and just be a total food junky, I can easily gain 15 kilos in a month.

But for some, they can pig-out ALL DAY and not gain a pound. So, that I can't say.

swanLake - Jus do wht people hearing you are saying....

Talk to Pitstop if you wan to loose some kilos by self..

Or if you are generous enough... Let some corporate companies and Gyms earn some quick bucks in helping you out in doin so....

But act.. don jus think...

Act either ways and things shall happen....

PitStop - B T W any diet to gain some weight ???? :)


Reality is a Illusion Caused Due to Deficiency of Alcohol

PitStop - I m amoung those unfortunate ones who belong to the later mentioned Class...

Feefee and T_COm - :) Guyz.... I m doin my best..

but T_COM - QLing is tough exercise.. :)

Fingers eat-up all the nutrition... ha ha ha ha.. :)

But guyz seriously... I wanna Be healthy and fat...

Not with Junky Stuff.... all Fats no Protein fellow.


Reality is a Illusion Caused Due to Deficiency of Alcohol

am like u pitstop in that case ... if i just increase my normal diet slightly may b cos of a party or any occasion .. i land up gaining few more pounds ...

i havent tried any slimming teas .. used sauna belt cant stand it heat ... any other way to burn out fat guys ????i cant do any abdominal workouts or exercise( i do pranayama though) i have lumbar disc prolapse , plus cervical disc prolapse .. even long walks is not permissible ... but i really wanna looose some pounds ...any advise PITSTOP?

my younger brother was FAT, until he was sick with Meningitis years ago. He then started to diet and lost ALL the weight. He became SKINNY and had a lot of loose skin around the waist and other areas. So, he decided to do something about it. Now, he is fit, and looks really athletic. I'll ask him what he does - but I think he does the gym a lot, with the protein shakes .. So, if you are up to that, I will ask him for you.

Ok, before getting into details - are you (the ones who want to loose weight) willing to invest QR3000 for the weight loss program? Which I assure you has a guaranteed satisfying result?

PITSTOP - Gym ???????????

I used to... once upon a time...

But... Nothing for the Lazy Guyz ??? I mean nutritious... but lazy.....


Reality is a Illusion Caused Due to Deficiency of Alcohol

besides w/slimming teas(laxatives) u will lose nutrients. And these nutrients are very important when u breast feed...

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Who ever mentioned gym? Did I say gym?

Who ever mentioned gym? Did I say gym?

Who ever mentioned gym? Did I say gym?

I Quote -

"Now, he is fit, and looks really athletic. I'll ask him what he does - but I think he does the gym a lot, with the protein shakes .. So, if you are up to that, I will ask him for you."

I unquote....

Yes I m Lazy... but tht doesn mean I don read properly .....

I m Hardly working enough to pay attention to the details...


Reality is a Illusion Caused Due to Deficiency of Alcohol

Oh, for the weight gain. I thought for the weight loss. My bad.

PITSTOP - Actually Gyms can reduce weight....

And I ll share your type of solution... Simple ans straight....

Gym exercise are same if you wanna loose or gain weight...

For gaining... You lift heavy dumbbell and Weights...

And eat 5 times a day... heavy ... more than when your stomach says enough...

For loosing... same exercise.... but with light weights... but more repitations....

And eat less.. I mean all... veg stuff... not anything with lot of Fats or carbos...

Prefer only protein oriented stuf...

It not only makes you slim.. but also strong healthy and slim.....

Gym is 20% exercise 80% Diet....

lol... Ya I should follow wht I wrote... But it is easy said than done... really :)


Reality is a Illusion Caused Due to Deficiency of Alcohol

hahahahaha you made me laugh! You should have some will power.

TT merry-go-round 24/7... ;D

:) I never had much of tht... But whtever I possessed proudly.... has evaporated in this 50 Deg Heat.... :)

Oh tht reminds me.... Summer is the best time to loose weight....

SwanLake... even nature shall help you in your cause.... you don feel quite hungry .... so start doin whtever you have decided to .. ASAP


Reality is a Illusion Caused Due to Deficiency of Alcohol guys scare me about the slimming tea ! even the thought of ending up in wc whilst shopping gives me the creeps..thanks guys..

i tried before alot of slimming products and theres no result.

but i did lost 15 kilos by drinking one of product and i lost 10 kilos in the first 5 weeks. and the results is different for different people. as for my friends she lost 20 kilos in a months. so in total 45 days i lost 15 kilos, but also i did some exercise twice a week.

i was 82 kilos and now am 66 kilos which is my ideal body hehehe...........but since u get closer to ur ideal weight, its hard to loose even more, as im planning to loose another 6 kilos heheheh..

Silvia,I am sure a lot us would like to know what that product is..

hehehe............its edmark.

even my mum lost 5 kilos without any exercise as this product reduce ur apetite to eat. and also help reduce my cholesterol level, and alll problem i used to have. i think some ppl here know tht. but like i told u, the results will b different each individual.

alot of my mum friends asking me to get this from my friends at work. now am happy with the results hehehe

Control is all you need..If you know how to control yourself, slimming is easy, eating is like mens habit of smoking..if you are determined to get slim, then first learn how to control yourself, self dicipline, its like controlling a little child from sweets and trying to persuade them to eat fruits and veggies, your best weapon is self control, be a good girl, and your worst enemies are fats(fries),sweets, carbonated drinks or alchol(which have hidden sugars) and cold fizzy drinks.

I do not suggest alot of exercise which triggers ;you to get hungry and wanting cold drinks, moderate walking regularly and swimming is the best exercise than going to the gym and exerting effort then cramming for foods. be wise,to help yourself to control, dont buy foods which are above donts, and buy only a good for two days to consume fruits and veggies to keep them fresh.Drink plenty of fruit juices,like pineapple which is rich in vit. C and antioxidant, or alot of citrus juice.Substitute meat to legumes or fish alternately.

If you follow these, i guarantee you that in a month, you will see a big difference in your weight, these i cant determine how much lbs or kilos you will lose because, our body varies, specially if you are now really huge to start, but believe me, if you control, you lose....

Goodluck, for teas, take oolong tea,, see my thread about oolong tea..



"There's nothing we can do to change the past, if it teaches  you a lesson profit from it then, forget it."

Silvia - Does it make your teeth look better ????

your hehehehe's are more prominent to me than the text... :)


Reality is a Illusion Caused Due to Deficiency of Alcohol

nothing goes wrong with my body even my teeth are okay........

now i still use it till now, and i use it for my other problem, heheheh but i use it once or twice in a week.

i dont smoke or drink, i stop eating fast food and fries and chips and meat on daily basis. only in the weekend im free eating anything i want. i eat more fish ( my mum called me a CAT at home ;P)

exercise, and remember ur be SLIM

cos im not gona waste all my effort, all money i spend for nothing. and am really happy with the result.

everybody at my work place used to tell me im fat, but now they are concern about my weight as i plann to loose more......heheheh.........they call me "STICK" as my body very thin...........hehehehe

im using this product for more than 1 and half years now and elhamdullilah everything is ok.

"Never love a person you can live with,

Always Love a person you can never live without"

since u guys r discussing about weight loose.there is more often problem.thats is to reduce ur weight or extra fat from ur face.specially there can b double chin or loose skin or more fat around ur neck or face end.which is really hard to reduce.infact difficult from other parths.thats wat i there any special exercise for this.but other exercises helps us to reduce weight from legs tummy or other parts but its difficult to remove fats around anybody any answer?

silvia!the product which u find affective.dont u think there would b any side effect of that?

Dont drink slimming teas. Donate some blood to the vampires and draculas instead!..........Symbiosis.

When I started my diet, the first thing that shrunk was my face. I had a small double chin and now it is gone. Good morning everyone - Aren't we all glad its THURSDAY!

well...yea this product very affective.......cos this is the first product tht give me good results. as i said earlier i tried so many product before and at the end i loost only 2 kilos and back again to my original weight.

with this edmark product i used for the first 5 weeks and the results this product give me amazing. i lost 15 kilos, i also reduce my cholesterol level at the same time. and help me with my other health problem which other medicine cant give me.

and now i consume this product for 1,5 year. and i have no side effect and am feeling healthy. even i reccomend my family, my friends in the gym and my mum friendss to used it.

at first while using this product, i have no faith it will work....i was thinking, maybe just another bullshitting tht slimming product always i just try for fun and if its not work, am gona stop to use it. but after the first week i use it, i lost 2-3 kilos. so im getting more interesting and try for another box till 5 weeks time i consume this product, i lost 15 kilos.

all my mum friends were shocked after see the results. i lost alot of weight and they rang my mum to ask me whts the secret behind my lost weight.

since i work in hospital, i constatntly did some blood test to check my cholesterol level and all, and the doctor were surprise with the results and ask me how the hell i can do tht, since cholesterol level its very hard to reduce in short time....and elhamdulillah all my health problem is gone.

and elhamdulllilah, all my mum friends, my gym friends, and some of my friends at work try and they did lost weight. and also they recommend to their families to use it, and i kept asking for the results and they are happy with the results. the result could b different from each ppl. like my mum loose 5 kilos without any exercise (due to the pain on her knee). my other friends who lost 20 kilos where her original weight was 150 kilos and reduce to 130 kilos in one month. and my other mum friends, n my friends experience the same

can you give the name of the product..

I once bought this Edmark product one full lot...with some coffee..some shake etc...

I only drank the coffee I didnt touch the rest..its still in my house and probably its expired now..

can you name the product you used? I would like to try..

Ash... you look good this way dont try to be like Aamir Khan...loool when you hit 30 your metabolism slows down and you ill gain automatically...enjoy till

Pitstop I will PM you…:)

try shake off for the first 2 weeks. but u should put in ur mind tht u have to do it seriously if u want the maximum results. for the first 1 week will b hard cos required u to go the bathroom alot. for me i went to the bathroom up to 6 times, and dont forget also take the splina at the same time.

reduce ur meat consumption and at least do 30 mins exercise at least twice a week. and if u have strong stomache, u can go with the MRT one. but i dont suggest tht, the one who is effective is shake off and splina. use it well according to the direction and eat right food and good exercise, and maybe u can reduce more than 3 kilos in one week. and like i said erlier, the results is different. either tht u lose weight very low, but ur body shaping up ....or u can loose weight and body shapping at the same time.

but as ur weight body close to ur ideal, it might getting hard to loose again, cos face it ur on ur ideal weight.

and as for the coffe i like to drink it at work. :)

i used once Al Diyaaf Slimming TEa and i got Loose Motions....:(

Is this the way, tat Tea Makes Slim....:(

Nothing is more relaxing than flying like an Eagle in Heaven !!

ok. at the moment this might harm your baby. i know how u r desperate to lose weight after givin birth but the only way to do that is to start making exercices and sport ... use some anti cellulite creme from time to time and hope in few months u will get the best shape! goodluck mama.

Swimming is a good form of exercise and losing weight

Rizkz - Your motion problems are by birth. now dont blame the tea.

FS once you succeed leme know.


- Listen to Many...Speak to a Few -

Arien lol....

By birth i did not did tat much of motion as i do when i drink tat TEA...:(

Arien why you want to know? you are not

When I saw Ri... the first thing which came in my mind is his bathroom song..."touch me touch me" ROFL

i know many people who resort to slimming tea to lose weight or at least "melt the fats", but i think u cannot just rely on the tea to lose weight. exercise, a good diet, and keeping a healthy lifestyle are a must.

It isn't MY fees actually. it is the fees for registering and getting your personalized diet for your status.

You should have a budget of 8,000 - or a bit less for the full program.

thts alot of money to spend

my friend spend 3000 riyal just for diet program

and im still waiting for the results from her

guys,i delivered 13 months ago.i gained a lot since it was twin pregnancy and haven't lost much.

Self control is the key but the problem is sticking with it... :)


i wish i can get twins in the future :)

when you have twins i'm sure you will want triplets...hehehe

hehehe..............triplets? let me experience the twins first then might thinking to get triplets after tht :P

way to go... ;)

Dear all QL Members,

You people don’t want to argue for how to reduce weight, I will give you the right direction to reduce your weigh, just go through the following instruction,

First of all you have to control your diet, i.e. just drink 400ml cold water early morning, have 3 bread with any kind of green veg for breakfast, lunch will be green salad with one piece of chicken nuts and 2 bread, dinner with one bread with honey, and weekly 5 days you have to dance half an hour with western music, this is the best panacea to reduce your weight,

good luck

buy it from?if on line web site plz?thank you

i will check again the site cos i dont chechk it much again so i forget the site

and this product is available in doha, but i asked my friends to get it for me

since i lived in alkhor will b hard for me to drive so better asked my friends to get it for me

so no trouble for me :)

FS - :) Thanks...

Twins ... Tripplets . . . . ??

Jus let those babies grow little older... you ll come to know wht you gals have asked for.... lol


Reality is a Illusion Caused Due to Deficiency of Alcohol

Azam, I'm not sure what you are talking about.

Nothing is more relaxing than flying like an Eagle in Heaven !!

mmm Silvia :) u lost already some kilos! thats y i didnt recognize u :) ... i think it s enough. u look great.


Black Cumin shall reduce weight when you wanna pull down...

It shall help you gain weight too... it really works...


Reality is a Illusion Caused Due to Deficiency of Alcohol


weight loss doesnt come in an instant...

target yer calorie needs according to yer BSA...

EAT, don't starve.. when yer body senses that you are eating less than what it will send an ALARM, and the more yer body will reserve the calories for energy...

EAT and burn the calories....

STAY happy...

don't expect drastic results, takes time...

i lost weight continously while breastfeeding and a year after that..


stop worrying bout the unwanted extras... you have yer new bundle to keep u from worrying about em extras...



FS lol - No not for me, someone is dieing to loose weight at home :))


- Listen to Many...Speak to a Few -

lemme add a diet here,

its a diet of one week,

1st day: eat only fruits, no bananas

2nd day:eat a boiled potato for breakfast, and vegetable raw or cooked for the remaining part of the day

3rd day: eat both fruits and vegitables, no potato no banana

4th day: eat 5-8 bananas and 3 cups of milk

5th day: eat a small cup of rice and 6 tomatoes

6th day: again a small cup of rice and fruits and vegitables

7th day: eat a small cup of rice and fresh fresh juices without sugar

on all days u have to drink 10-12 glasses of water

in this diet u will loose 3-8 kilos of weight

after u pratice this diet for a week u have to take a 3 days break, before repeating it again,

i tried this diet, this works, the first time i read this i found it very very funny, but i didnt complete the diet because i hate eating raw tomatoes,so i skipped the tomatoes,

but u could try it out swan lake,

and this also clean up our whole system,because of the excess amount of water that u have to take and tomatoes etc..


i want to learn until i die, if u have some knowledge then share it with me.


there is no limit on the amount of fruits u eat, and the vegitable can be eaten raw or cooked,


i want to learn until i die, if u have some knowledge then share it with me.


Does swimming really help you lose weight or does it only tone and shape your body?

I see a lot of obese people swimming and am really wondering if swimming does help one lose weight.

While we are about it, does any one know of any swimming pool for women in the Al Asiri, Sadd area?


ishqia ..i did try ur diet some four years ago after my first delviery .. i couldnt continue after day 2 ... i was getting headache ... couldnt limit myself only to fruits or veggies ....

lemme try it again ....

well ....all kind of exercise actually is helping

the trouble coming after u stop the exercise.........all ur muscle will loosen up .....

for gurl i think not good do tooo much swimming, cos soon enough u will have wide friend swwiming for 9 yrs and now she have wide shoulder and more muscle in hand. do u think tht will look good for gurl?

i have tried it twice but never completed it... once because of tomatoes and a party, and the second time my family made us break it looking at our weak faces,


i want to learn until i die, if u have some knowledge then share it with me.


you don't get any protein from it. It could be harmful.

nope it isnt harmful in any way.... , it just cleanse ur body, its fine if u do it once in a while , bbut u musnt do it continuos, u must take a minimum 3 days break b4 continuing...


i want to learn until i die, if u have some knowledge then share it with me.


me , my mom and many others tried it... and it didnt do any apparent harm


i want to learn until i die, if u have some knowledge then share it with me.


thanks ishqia,i would love to give it a try,but my problem is if i delay a proper meal even for a couple of hours i start feeling dizzy.

I so want to squueze in some yoga sessions when my guys sleep but thats when i get to

do u guys know of any healthy snacks apart from fruits?

yes,i eat fruits but sometimes they can taste so bland..

It is very easy diet, and really effortless.

PM for details

I can help you in a fast way without slimming tea. Call me at 5491753 or email me Good luck.

i will share my way of reducing weight i dont need any pay for it

morning put lemon in warm water n drink one glass

before lunch have some fruits

in the lunch time have 1 fruit n very little amount non oily food use brown bread instead of rooti or chappaties

then still u feel hungry before dinner take skimmed milk

in dinner eat 2 fruits

:) its a good diet for lactating women

drink as much water as u can

leaving skimmed milk i tried n it has worked for me i dont need any WORKOUTS because u r lactating its good for u to have milk once a day but SKIMMED MILK :) 1 MONTH U SEE THE CHANGE

Fruits is Sugar. That will impossibly have a healthy turnout.

PITSTOP fruits have natural sugar it does not makes a person fat i have tried it n it has worked out for me DONT TELL ME U R GONNA AS A LACTATING MOTHER TO STOP EATING N DRINK ONLY WATER lolz

SwanLake if u dont wanna eat fruits all time my diet tip say u can taste food but in ur food make use of cucumber more eat it with brown bread n see that u dont have any oil stuff in it

other than that i use to have once or twice a week 2 steam chicken burger with brown bread but no cheese or ketchup (as it has sugar) use lemon to add taste


hi Silvia nice to know u lost lot of weight...just can u guide me whr to get this product from ? and also the cost ? and any advice if any married woman takes it will she suffer any problem from pregnancy ?? in future ? also any hair loss or something ? thanks alot appreciate ur replies in this form.

lo0ol....razzak, i dint know tht comment for me.....i just read it now.

this product is avaialable in doha, before the old office is somewhere near doha zoo area, but now they r move to the city , somewhere in souq.........and untill now i duno where the new place........i will search again and find out where the new place and will let u know.

the cost for me, i think is cheapest compare to any other slimming product. it cost 95 riyal per package. and i suggest u only to used 2 product tht u have to take it together. so the total for both is 190 riyal.

this product i used it for 2 yrs ago till now and i feel no side effect or any. for me personally i dont see and feel bad effect from this product.

according to the seller, its ok to used it for pregant woman, but im not gonna suggest tht cos this is slimming product, and will reduce the weight of a person, better dont take it while pregnant. but after pregnant u can take it. cos my mum friends used it after she delivery.

the product results is different from one person to others, depent on their body metabolism and how they eat habit. for me i lost 15 kilos in 5weeks cos i stop eating any junk food and drink more water, juice, eat more fruit and vegetable (even tough i dnt like it ...l0o0l) and do exercise 1 hour three time a week.

like i told u before, this product either will shaping ur body and u loose slow.......or u looose fast. but, like i told u before, differnt ppl , different results.

for me, i felt this product helping me inreducing my weight and i feel happy with the results. i have no intention to sell about this product........its just to share my experience with this product.

oh yea and the product brand name is EDMARK........and they have few different items. but i reccommend u to take only 2 items for loosing weight. try for the first box, and if u feel any changes, u can continue and if u dont like it u can stop it.

and i think theres one QL member here also use it and the last time i heard from her she lost 2 pounds in 2 days. and others tries, her weight not reduce but she told me her body is shaping up alittle bit and according to her tht she dont have time to do enough exercise due to her thinking maybe tht the other factor y she is not successfully in loosing her weight.

Why the CAPS? Did I make you mad by any chance?

BOTH my sisters when craved on fruits, they both became diabetic BECAUSE of the sugar in the fruits.

There are two kinds of fruits. The Good and the Bad fruits. Make sure you know the difference and choose what is best for Your Health and Your Body.

The diet that I went on suited me, and MANY people that I know. We ALL lost over 8 kilos in 2 months, and we stuck to it, ilhamdillah, after stopping it. It specificly designed for each person, so its healthy and recommended.

PITSTOP caps is used to highlight a statement n u cant make any one mad by any chance lolz

ur sister went on diabetic but i am already diabetic patient and with this diet i mean use of fruit my high sugar became normal u loss in 8 months i loss 3kg in 11days

and the diet i suggested is also tried by many ppl n suited us

... in three months!!!! Sure...!!!

Hi Chinitas..

Thanks for the above advice about al diafa green tea.

Actually i am looking to reduce my belly fat.could you please advice where in qatar(shops or malls), i can find this slimming tea ?

Please advice....

slimming tea is good only after eating and before going to bed,and exercise to loose weight to become slim

Ask me proper diet plan ang exercise program in just a month you will see the result.100 percent

Here's an idea: stop stuffing your fat face.

jjh jjh

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