Tibetan milk mushroom

What is Tibetan milk mushroom?
For the first time Tibetan milk mushroom was discovered over three hundred years ago. Unfortunately, there is no information on how it has been found, and the only thing we know its native land is Bulgaria. And still, what is Tibetan milk mushroom? It is a symbiotic organism the basis of which is sour-milk active bacteria by means of which they are being developed. Generally, the milk mushroom is the unique culture having no analogues of the character and structure, and of influence on a human body. The milk mushroom contains a large quantity of useful bacteria and substances that singles it out of modern sour-milk products.
The result of milk mushroom influence
According to historical observations of scientists, the Tibetan mushroom possesses a number of medical properties. Its curative action was already described hundreds years ago. According to historical references Ā«the Tibetan milk mushroom enables to treat allergies quickly and painlessly even exceeding results of the checked methodsĀ». Nowadays it is already officially proved strains of the microorganisms that are the Tibetan milk mushroom, influence effectively treatment of inflammatory diseases. The infusion helps to restore organism in the postoperative period promoting healing of wounds. Naturally, the priority value of the Tibetan mushroom is still a treatment of such diseases of gastrointestinal tract as gastritis, pancreatitis and also exacerbation of ulcer.
in the treatment of diabetes - blood sugar normalizes
rejuvenates the body - slows the cell aging
increases the body's inner resources - improves memory, attention,
Cure heart disease, coronary vessels and dissolves cholesterol in the bloodstream, liver and pancreas heals, gallbladder and spleen, gall Heal, clean channels through which bile and bile dissolves caliculii, heals stomach, intestines, duodenum and ulcers make it disappear , Heal kidneys and ureters, the fungus produces only antibiotics, such healing inflamed areas of the body, regulates blood pressure, prevents and slows produerea metastasis, prevents premature aging, depression and fatigue brakes forms the body has all the vitamins fungi life.
Kefir (Tibetan Mushroom)
The fungus has been created and raised by Tibetan monks and has many therapeutic qualities.
Country of origin - India
The fungus looks white, shoot growth of cauliflower-looking, with irregular shapes and sizes 5-10-15 mm, sometimes reaching maturity until 20 to 30 mm in length. Separable and separate the buds themselves.
Kefir is an acidic milk drink that is obtained from kefir grains to ferment milk lactose (milk sugar) to lactic acid formation of carbon dioxide and alcohol, this wonderful drink is obtained by double fermentation lactic fermentation in the first phase and then alcohol lower temperatures.
The drink does not get the fungus kefir, but wrong time of kefir grains that repezinta a cluster of four casein's interior and surface specific microorganisms leading to this wonderful drink.
Milk inoculated with kefir grains can suppress the growth of intestinal pathogens such as: Salmonella or Shigella, this being due to the complexity of Kefir grain molecule and how the action of microorganisms that form the Kefir grain.
Kefir enjoys a rich tradition of health protection.
Before the USSR, the use in hospitals and nursing homes for a variety of diseases including metabolic disorders, atherosclerosis and allergic diseases.
It was also used to treat tuberculosis, cancer and gastrointestinal disorders when no modern medical treatment was not available. The consumption of kefir will also be associated with longevity in the Caucasus as demonstrated by scientists.
Scientists have seen the benefits of Kefir intake digestive health and longevity and health due to its antioxidant components, anticancer and bacteriostatic.
Different research teams around the world encouraged the kefir to health outcomes. The more research methods in vitro have been performed both on animals and humans as well.
Recent studies have shown consumption of Kefir and demonstrated antitumor and antimutagenic properties of this being due to existing substances in the Kefir grain (imidazolinei)
What conditions are recommended:
regulate intestinal activity
combat colitis and stomach cramps
helps maintain healthy digestion
helps clean the colon and to maintain a good intestinal flora
stimulates the immune system
increase longevity (Bulgaria is recognized for its centagenarii because of high consumption of fermented dairy products)

bring the body intake of nutrients, enzymes and vitamins, natural enzymes and beneficial microorganisms that help the body and strengthen it
helps diets, if followed and a proper diet, low in animal fats, accompanied by regular exercise
slightly laxative effect, but also helps to form seat improves blood circulation and quality regulates the body's defense mechanisms cure heart disease, coronary vessels and dissolves cholesterol deposited on blood vessels (to eat only cold-pressed oil and pumpkin seeds, flax, sunflower raw, unroasted) helps the liver and pancreas, gallbladder and spleen Clean ducts through which bile and dissolve gallstones while cure for stomach, intestines, duodenum and ulcers close
Warning! - Do not eat large amounts at once (for ex. A few sips of the cup), if stomach acid levels, it will drink with spoon ... pause ... one nine ... (and not on an empty stomach!) kidneys and helps uretrele fungus produces single antibiotic, such healing inflamed areas of the body regulate blood pressure prevent and hamper the production of metastasis prevent premature aging helps depression and fatigue in the body fungus contains all the vitamins life permanently normalize metabolic processes in the body. helps in allergic diseases efficient and lung diseases
effective in diseases of liver and bile - dissolves diseased tissue and facilitates their elimination effective in treating inflammatory diseases cleanses the body of toxins - removes metabolic wastes, cholesterol, salts of heavy metals, etc.


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