"traffic violation" @ MOI.com?

Hi! Just want to ask your help if someone in the QL community knows how accurate and reliable is the MOI.com website regarding "traffic violations (beating the red light)"? I heard several and different issues that it will take 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week before it will be loaded in the system. Can anyone advise? Thanks


i don know what u mean by 'how accurate' but yes it will take 3 - 4 days to upload in the site !


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If you have registered your mobile number in METRASH then you will get an sms of FINES for anykind of violation, exit & entry permit notification and many more news from MOI.


It is reliable, common its MOI dear

as anything is in Qatar. Meaning never. I had one violation show up 5 months after it happened.

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I Always check before going to airport, just in case

"only mad dogs and englishmen go out in the midday sun"

normaly the ones that show up after 5 months are the parking tickets, the speed radars normaly within a week or less

"exception" is everywhere but normally I haven't heard such complaints from other persons


Once i was charged QAR.500/- for not wearing SEATBELT and can you imagine what they wrote in their site.


Overloading of car more than 40m height


You know i was using HONDA CITY saloon car at the time i was fined. When i went in person, i was informed by NOT INTERESTED qatari lady in abaya that THIS VIOLATION IS FOR NOT WEARING SEAT BELT.


I just slamed my head hard and asked her to please update ur service as it was mentioned totally wrong. Ofcourse, she didn't take interest in my complaint/suggestion as usual by MOI's cooperative staff.

so does this mean moi.gov.qa is not reliable?

Doty....I have to disagree. I know of friends who received speeding camera fines weeks after the event. I got a red light camera fine months after the event. Reliable? Its relevant really....for qatar, yes I would definately say its reliable ;)

smile lots laugh more

reliable... too different from relevant... anyhow, thanks for the info... now, im still getting different info... thanks everyone...

I recieved a parking ticket and it was on the system aout 3 days later and I will be 300QAR lighter

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