Watch movies online

How many of you watch movies online?
If yes then please post some good links where to get clear prints....



Download through torrent you will get good quality one


सोनम दी नेपाली बाबु



But downloading is a waste of time and space I think it's better to watch I hav already dwnloaded and watchd more than 1 tb of movies

netflix.. excellent quality but pay.. still worth it!


**** Aal Izz Well****

whyteknight.. netflix is a certified retail & broadcast agent..

btw there is a free trial offer .. try it out friends..

I know about netflix 220V.. The post was for others..

**** Aal Izz Well****

WK, do u think piracy can be root out?? Its big NO..

Shaz, BTW which language r u looking for?? english or hindi or arabic??

For hindi :

No idea abt eng and arabic sites...

my bad knight.. if u know then u shud be helpul and mention abt netflix at ur first poste.. or it dint click in ur brains? be helpful not discouraging..


hello Sonya .. shaz wanna make a list for all h is not looking for anything specific..

u r most welcome to add ur bollywood session..

lol my bad 220 V :P

I thought since you mentioned netflix already, I won't bother with that.

**** Aal Izz Well****

hhmm...yah.. supportive .. not ignorant..

no really my bad..

have a gud weekend..

go to google...

search and type "watch free movies online"...

it'll give you lists of free movie web hosts...


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You can only watch netflix from the US or through a US-proxy (slow)

u can watch online movies on

and buy ur own popcorn

bleu.. u just have to create an account using us proxy..

and bla bla bla........


A lot of lovemaking can unblock a stuffy nose! Dr. Choc


etc are gud.

But I need a site that gives clear prints.and Donita thnx


So they are only for bollywood I guess.I wish to watch allu Arjun movies online

for Watch malayalam movies online visit

you can watch movies on

there you can see other important documentary movies.



Hope you like the links :)

To be honest, it is very hard to find good print or high quality movies if you want to watch it online. Because streaming movies require a lot of band width, and even more if it is high quality. And frankly, what is the fun in watching low quality movies online ? Even some of the crap bollywood movies can be enjoyed better if you watch it in the theatre !!! Or atleast buy or rent a DVD.

btw, if you really have to watch movies online, then here is a collection of sites that my brother visits often :

Watch Hindi movies online

Watch Malayalam movies online

Watch Tamil movies online

Watch Telugu movies online

Watch Kannada movies online

Watch Bengali movies online

English hollywood movies:

You can watch free online movies from my site also

well thanks to all of u

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