Why NOC playing billion dallar value role here in Qatar?

Why authorities are valueing NOC (no objection letter) for everything here?


To instil discpline, control ...its working well.

To protect local establishments from wokers shifting jobs here and there exposing previous company from un-necessary expenses from hiring new employees again and again!

modern day slavery my friend welcome to hell

I don't see any slavery from that. Nobody is forcing anbody to work for them here. If one don't like working here Qatar they can go back to their country and do whatevet they want!

best workers with well behaving people also affected...due to NOC...it is based on their own wish...

If the aim of the NOC is to control i think its good.. but the reality is not that of controlling but of abusing.. many seek NOC for many things and the sponsor usually sees this as an opportunity to take advantage of the employee..

If there is freedom in Qatar then let the people decide for themselves and not the sponsor.

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