Zipcode of Doha?

UPDATE: According to QPost, the official postal services company, Qatar does not use zip codes or post codes. If it is required for an online forms, use 00000 or other random numbers. 


Does anyone know what is the Postal Code/Zip Code of Doha...

I am searching this in various sites but cud not get it...Please reply if anyone knows....


its ZIPPY (in arabic)

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No postal codes or zip codes in Qatar as we get mail in the Post office boxes here and the country is smaller so its not divided in postal locations.



Yes, Qatar has no post code. If somewhere is a mandatory I just write something like 6669, and it's accepted. :)


I use 00974... ;)



PS: But whats 6669 btw.. ???

tbs tbs

friends any one knows qatar zip cord?

tbs tbs

friends any one knows qatar zip cord?

I'm lead to belive Qatar doesn't have a zip code.

the IDD code however is 0974

if filling out a form most people would use 00000 (5 zero's)

and the PO box number

4464446.. i am using this until now as i gto from my friend.

there is but if you are not from qatar you dont have i you are qatari you will but the thing is that the people has a different postal code / zipcode i always buy somthing from let me say AMAZOM.COM

well i hope you'll read it and understand

but how come qatar dont have a zip code

yeah qatar dont have zip code

from 2012 onwards post office in qatar (Q-POST) planned for Home delivery with zip codes..

Hi everyone,

Dose anyone know po box no.of qatar airways accommodation naples building najmah mansoura... plz reply soon

hi friend

Calling from outside Qatar just let them use number: (00974) then after this number they have to dial your private contact number. that all

zone + "-" + your street number ,will be the zip code for your area

eg: myne will be

Doha 27-865

following are the areas



3.Al Rayyan


5.Al shamal salal

7.Al dayyan

for more information goto qatar post website..

i done know please please tell me



Dear Friend.. As per my experience I am using the same post box number as the zip code and it works well.

Just to make you understand better, please visit the below link.

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