Female massage - home service.
By environmentcare • 3 years 1 month ago.


I'm looking for an experienced female massage therapist for home service. Do any beauty parlours offer home service? How much do they charge?

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By PSTechie• 3 years 1 month ago.


I heard that there are a few Masseuse who massage new born babies and for the mothers. My wife would be delivering our baby very soon and im looking for a Masseuse who can provide this service at home. Please do let me also know if you come across any.

By massage expert• 3 years 3 weeks ago.
massage expert

Hi, u can call me at 33924993 and I will answer all your questions. Thank you

By aqquib• 2 years 11 months ago.

Call shaheen on 55086818...she is very very good for newborn massage....even did for me 2months back...