hairdressing suppliers

hi all and a happy new year.
i am moving to doha in the next few weeks to be with my husband, i am a beautician and a hair stylisst/colour expert(toni and guy, what i am wondering is do you know if there is a place or wholesalers where i can buy my equipment(colour, bleach,wax,peroxides)etc.
or will i have to ship it all o myself from here.
thanks in advance


Theres a hairdressing supplies shop on the Salwa Road right hand side just after the flyover coming from Ramada junction. Not sure of the name but they seemed to have all the things you mention last time I was in there.

Hi i am a hairdresser too and visited the said suppliers yesterday for the 1st time. They have more beauty than hair products but they only stocked 2 makes of colours Indola and 1 i cant even remember so be prepared!!

Anyone can access this shop (ie non proffessionals) so no worry on buying for trade! Be prepared to not be able to choose as at home in the Uk wholesalers.God i miss home for that!!

Any update since 4 years ago ????

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