Where can i have a Brazilian blowdry in Qatar?

By Eidelweiss


Its true...you haven't had a blowdry, until you have had a Brazilian Blowdry! So now you too can find out why celebrities like Kim Kardashian & Nicole Richie are addicted to the famous Brazilian Blowdry.
If you are tired of frizzy, dry unruly hair - Then you need a smoothing brazilian blowdry that transforms hair by using natural keratin which penetrates the hair repairing internal damage and coats the hair preventing further damage.The results are smooth,silky, frizz free hair for 5 months. Beautiful hair at the beach or in the rain...its all possible.

where can i have this done in Qatar?>>>any place!!!!

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By 72flyingstar• 5 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

It is called Brazilian blow-out (the Keratin treatment one of the comments mentions is already out-dated). I had it done a few weeks ago at Franck Provost salon, in the Four Seasons Hotel located on the West Bay area. I am very happy with the result despite of the price 2,500 QR. I highly recommend it. It is totally worth the money.

Hope this helps.

By Blanka• 5 years 10 months ago.

100 % authentic and organic Brazilian treatment available at me :)


By Contessa• 5 years 10 months ago.

Ive heard that Glow American Salon do this. I personally havent tried it. But you can check them out online, just google Glow American Salon,Doha. Or give them a call on 66864221.

By moonface123• 5 years 11 months ago.

Is this for a Lady or Gent ?

By nbg_21• 5 years 11 months ago.

try brazillian embassy

By Chairboy• 5 years 11 months ago.

I will be blow drying Brazilians at my house on Mondays and Tuesdays going forward ............. please ensure the landing strip is clear of all debris.

By mariecor• 5 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 2/5

That is not a Brazilian blowdry...that is called Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

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