'Actionvoip' net call possible with mobile Nokia-E66 or E series phone?
By anonymous • 7 years 1 month ago.

How to make call and use Actionvoip net call by using mobile Nokia-E66 or E series phones. i ahve already getting wirless net work. do u have actionvoip s/wmobile compatiable

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By cherukkan• 7 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 5/5

I think you need the software called FRINGE to use Actionvoip through your mobile. You can donwload it from internet.

By valleyofdevils• 7 years 1 month ago.

dowload Fring from the below mentioned website.


By ameerkaan• 6 years 11 months ago.

i dontknow actionvoip will success woth fring if you succes please inform us howdid u do but aother voip are ok

By White Knight• 6 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 4/5
White Knight

Yes this can be activated through E66 internet phone option, what u need WiFi connection and proxy server address of Active Voice.

Dont install fring the voice quality will not be good, it will make your phone slower and also not user friendly.

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