My favorite knafeh

By Bayan Khaled

Everyone loves Knafeh, don’t tell me you don’t because I won’t believe you. There is no way that all that cheesiness in the knafeh doesn’t make you want to eat all the knafeh in the world. So let me share with you my favorite knafeh places in Qatar.

Al Nashama
This is my number 1 absolute favorite knafeh place. The knafeh just melts in my mouth. The cheese is the best part of the whole thing. Just try this place and I dare you not to fall in love.

Al Aker
I think this is everyone’s favorite, it is definitely the most popular in Qatar and knafeh is what it’s known for. You can’t host a dinner with knafeh without getting it from Al Aker.

Photo Credit: iCandy Qatar

Al Bisana
This place is in Katara and apparently it’s also pretty good. There has been a lot of talk going around about how this place’s knafeh is delicious and surely worth a try.

But still, Al Nashama is my personal favorite of all. What’s yours? Is there any place that is underrated that you want the people of Qatar to know about?

Cover Photo Credit: The Royal Excursion

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By timebandit• 11 months 3 weeks ago.

I didn't even know what Knafeh was until Al Aker Sweets opened. They popularised it.

By Molten Metal• 12 months 20 hours ago.
Molten Metal

Do not be shy ..............................

By Molten Metal• 12 months 20 hours ago.
Molten Metal

Write again please .....................

By sohail103• 12 months 20 hours ago.

where is my comment?

By Molten Metal• 12 months 22 hours ago.
Molten Metal

Same for my Boss .........................

By hunk.me88• 12 months 1 day ago.

My favorite is Al-Aker, Al-Nashama is 2nd best :D

Location for Al-Nashama :

By PunchLiner• 1 year 2 days ago.

Pls include Google Map location.

By Mahorf• 1 year 1 week ago.

Yes, Al Nashama is the best.

By FatimaOsama• 1 year 1 week ago.

Where is al Nashama? Location plz

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