Is there any Service centre for Apple Iphone in Doha
By sss_doha • 5 years 12 months ago.

Dear All,

My Iphone front glass crushed by felldown from table and its front glass is spoiled ..fortunatly my display is perfecty working.. i just wanted to replace the front glass of the Iphone, Can anyone know the service center for Iphone in Doha?

thanks & regards

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By anonymous• 5 years 12 months ago.


By eeya• 5 years 12 months ago.
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there's a vodafone service center for iphone near jaidah flyover at nasrallah commercial center.

By johnson_pt• 3 years 8 months ago.

Hi, Did you get your iphone repaired? where and how much did it cost? Even my iphones glass is broken.. as per authorized service center in INdia, apple never changes, they will replace with a new iphone......

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