where can i find a yamaha music instruments store in doha?

Hi all,

i'm Weesam from Abu Dhabi, i'll be relocating soon to Doha.
i'm about to invest in a very expensive electronic drums set from yamaha.
playing drums is a passion of mine and i finally found the set that i'm looking for, it's the DT EXPRESS SPECIAL. should i ggo ahaead or you think i can find it in doha if they have a yamaha store?
please advice.

thanks alot.


Modern Home in Salwa Road have a special music show room for Yamaha.

yes in salwa road near modern home and next to jarir bookstore i saw one musical store i am not sure its yamaha though.. but you can check

check at Virgin at Villagio

U may find some there ... but not sure

check at Virgin at Villagio

U may find some there ... but not sure

Only Two authorized dealers in Qatar the oldest is

Continental traders on Old Kharaba Street near the mosque

and the new is Modern home near Jarir and in Vilagio

You will have to place a special order for DT EXPRESS SPECIAL with Continental Traders

it would be cheaper for you to buy them from the emirates.

Yamahas distributor for the whole Gulf is YAMAHA MUSIC GULF FZE, which is at UAE.

They ship equipments to retailers in the gulf. You cant possible go directly to YAMAHA MUSIC GULF FZE, but you can buy them from a retailer.

Things take time to release here. In Dubai, their official retailer is " Thomson " A showroom very close to the International Airport.

In doha, their official retailer is Modern Home, preferably the one near Jarir Book Store.

They have pretty big showroom.


My name is Mohsin I m a dummer in Pakistan and Uk

well i sugest u not to buy yamaha drum kit if u r investing a very heavy amount on that if u wanna buy a kit from UAE then its probabaly good for u to go Dubai and search for PEARL or TAMA thesr companies r the FATHER OF YAMAHA

i m a experinced drummer so if u want any help regarding musical instruments then mail me on my id


in jarir ,yamaha virgin ,villagio ,megastore ,.....

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